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We've listed the questions we're most commonly asked. Click the questions to reveal the answers. 

Do you offer any after installation care?
-Yes in line with the AWC warranty. 

Can an engineer visit my house to resolve a problem?
-Yes we offer either a morning appointment between 8am and 1pm or an afternoon appointment between 12pm and 5pm. Please note that we are unable to offer specific times other than the am/pm. 

My property has been affected by some storm damage - is this covered under warranty?
-Unfortunately your warranty does not cover you in this instance. However we can offer a quotation to either fix/replace your AWC product. This quote could then be supplied to your insurance company for approval. To arrange for a quotation please call us on 0191 417 1080 

My gutters are leaking - is this covered under the AWCAWC warranty?
-To make sure that you don't incur an unnecessary charge, please ensure that your gutters are free from debris first. If your gutters are clear then we should cover you under our warranty. 

My installation is nearing the end of its 10 year warranty can I extend this?

-We do offer an extended warranty, please call 0191 417 1080 for more details. 

My key won't turn in my door what can I do?
-Check the following
■Correct key is being used? - has it worked previously? 
■Does the cylinder appear loose? - YES - tighten with screwdriver 
■Is the cylinder stiff? - YES - lubricate 
■If keep is loose? - YES - tighten with screwdriver LUBRICATION 

Cylinders can be lubricated using lock graphite (or graphite pencil), apply lubricant to key only and work the key in and out of cylinder a few times, never apply lubricant directly into the cylinder as this may cause internal pins to stick.
DO NOT use WD40 or other water displacement fluids. If you're still experiencing problems please call us on 0191 417 1080 or complete the complete the online form.
My warranty has expired and I haven't transferred my warranty will you still attend?
Yes we can still help you resolve your problem and probably transfer your warranty, but unfortunately a standard non-refundable call out fee may apply. 

My window has been smashed and I need a quote for insurance purposes
-Please call us 0191 417 1080 and we will help you with your quotation. 

Sometimes when I open my window, the wind blows it open because my hinges are loose. What can I do? 
-You could try tightening the small brass screw located on the body of the hinge that is fixed to the frame with a small flat head screwdriver. If this doesn't work please call us on 0191 417 1080 or complete the online form. 

There is mould starting to form on the silicone of my window. Is this covered under warranty?
-Unfortunately we do not cover this under our warranty, however this can be cleaned using Milton fluid. You can see more information on condensation at the GGF website. 

There is standing water in the gutter on my conservatory
-The conservatory has a level base and is designed to hold up to an inch of standing water at any time, so hopefully this should not cause a problem. 

I have condensation on the room side surface of my windows. Is this covered under the warranty?
-Unfortunately condensation like this is not covered under your warranty as it is a naturally occurring phenomenon. However in the unlikely event of having condensation in the sealed units please contact us on 0191 417 1080 or complete the online form as our sealed-gas units are guaranteed for 15 years. You could also refer to the GGF website or brochure 'Condensation - Some Causes Some Advice' which will give you practical advice on how to eliminate any condensation. 

I have condensation on the outdoor surface of the glass, what should I do?
-As the seasons change, we experience conditions which make the appearance of condensation on the outdoor surface of glass more likely. This is not a product fault, but a sign that our windows are doing their job – keeping heat inside buildings. Because they keep the heat in the outdoor surface gets colder than less energy efficient products. Because of this, in certain weather conditions, condensation can form on the outdoor surface of the glass. 

How do I clean my UPVC?
-Clean your AWC product with plenty of clean, warm soapy water (washing up liquid is suitable) and wipe dry with a clean, soft cloth.
Clean your glass using clean, warm soapy water or glass cleaner. If you are using glass cleaner apply it to the cloth to avoid getting excess glass cleaner on the PVCU. Both warm soapy water and glass cleaner can be used on lead effects. We would recommend that your windows and doors should be cleaned at least once every two months.