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In 1974 , it was designed ralph lauren RobertRedford RalphLauren play which version of " The Great Gatsby " movie costumes . But in addition, there are a lot of things will be linked to the two of them together . Fitzgerald described the achievements of his own American hero , the child born poor start from scratch , from the west to New York , and changed his name from JamesGatz the JayGatsby. The 1939 is the same RalphLauren born , his first name is RalphLifshitz, a Jewish immigrant family in New York City, the youngest son. Later, he left the family repression in Eastern Europe , to find a better life. If sympathetic , I am afraid OprahWinfrey ( the famous American black female talk show host , one of the world's most influential women ) on the world-famous designer's most accurate description : "RalphLauren it is not just selling clothes , he sold everyone is a longing for life . has designed clothes RalphLauren if you enjoy a moment to realize the American dream of ...... more importantly , he showed the kind of story book depicting life in a way accessible to every Americans , so that people feel that cheap ralph lauren it is not out of reach , so that they feel that their lives could be better . "

Today, he told ralph lauren outlet me to give the story takes place in his home in Mote Ge beach house . Looking out the window , white sandy beaches stretching to the sea, with the expanse of sky blue color phase . Rather, this is far from the public eye , secluded low-lying areas of the building. Fir roof, white walls and rustic wood floors, pure white linen fabric furniture ralph lauren sale uk here is beautiful. Coffee table was a pile of books , including his wife Ricky a lot of recipes , family photo album , as well as highlights of his collection of antique cars . People living in the house all weekend here : In addition to Ralph and wife Ricky ( two married in 1964 ) , their daughter Dylan is the world 's leading candy store Dylan'sCandyBar boss, now in New York, East Hampton , Miami and Los Angeles has stores ; son David is RalphLauren Group's global advertising, marketing and vice president of communications ; while David 's wife Lauren, is the niece of former President George W. Bush . For me this is still adjusting to the time difference for people who , at this moment seems to have a sense of advertising into the RalphLauren : tanned skin so that they looked like the whole body of a man dressed in the sun , everyone with a warm smile and clear eyes . Indeed, the members of the large family personally appeared early brand advertising , the true interpretation of the RalphLauren world looks like. Now, look on the front of the founder of the brand and as polo outlet you can imagine : silver hair , tanned skin, wearing a black turtleneck shirt and khaki cotton shorts, of course, is his own brand. RalphLaurenSarafi wearing a wrist watch series , looks like a retro , actually it is brand new . His voice was soft , elegant look of self, but thoughtful and meticulous care of the people around him .

Fame and fortune ,cheap ralph lauren very few people like him so approachable. It let me think of the novel 's depiction of Gatsby : "If personality is a series of continuous success , so his body does have some extraordinary things , certain highly sensitive to the possibility of life , if some can be monitored to 10,000 miles away earthquake precision instruments . " led us this opportunity to meet one of his recent charity project , and this is just one of his numerous charity year round . He plans to build a breast cancer clinic at Hamline District of New York , as well as contribute $ 10 million to replace all the flags in Washington, DC . His next task is to rebuild and modernize a French national art school - Academy of Fine Arts in Paris , from here out on behalf of the masters including Henri Matisse Fauvism , impressionist painter Claude Monet and the famous fashion designer HubertdeGivenchy . Lauren is not a boast from the house style , so he never mentioned it himself with people to get the French Legion of Honour Knight in 2010. Paris brought him enthusiastically on Germain Street , he owns a mansion built in the 17th century , and now here is the brand in Europe's largest flagship store. " Paris has been a favorite of my heart ." He said, " but I'm cheap ralph lauren polo with the first sparks of Paris on the left bank in my shop , I really like there. That building was already a mess , we got very big effort to restore the original beauty of it .