20 unter 40 2021: Nathan Hathorn, Silverthorne Insurance Brokers LLC

Pandemic or not, the 20 Under 40 program continues.

Each year, the Abilene Chamber of Commerce’s Abilene Young Professionals program seeks out 20 men and women to serve as community leaders, if not already in leadership roles.

The aim is to keep talented young Abilians and their families here in order to create a new generation of leaders.

This year’s winners are Allison Alvarez, Arrow Ford; Holly Bearden, Community Broadcast Partner; Dayton Borger, First Finance Bank; Rosten Callarman, West Texas Homeless Network; Dillon Cobb, first financial trust; Jesiree Driskell, Hendrick Health; Nathan Hathorn, Silverthorne Insurance Brokers LLC; Jason Hernandez-Marshall, Crunch Fitness; Katie Howe-Trevino, The Abilene Domain; and Christopher Jones, US Air Force.

Also Patrick Lewis, Abilene Community Foundation; Miller Loudermilk, Sendero Properties & amp; Homes by Design; Nathan Lowry, major national title; Tiffany Nichols, Abilene Convention & amp; Visitor office; Brandon Osborne, Abilene Youth Sports Authority; Andy Russell, Hendrick Health; Garrett Smith, Condley and Company LLP; Jonathan Spencer, germ killer; Addison Templeton, funeral home life insurance company; Brandi Terry, Cisco College.

Business: Silverthorne Insurance Brokers, LLC; Silverthorne Investments LLC

Why do you work in this industry? I really enjoy working in the insurance and real estate industries. Insurance has been a great career path for me and what could be nicer than helping people you care about protect the things they value most?

What three daily habits helped you become successful?

1. Learn from and listen to people who are smarter than me.

2. Spend time with God and read in the morning.

3. Encourage my team and be there for them when they need me.

Who has influenced you the most in business? My parents, Howard and Jacki Hathorn. They taught me to work hard, to be honest, to treat people right, to keep Jesus first in my life, and to treat those around me with respect. These things have served me well throughout my career and their impact on my life has been significant.

What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome to get to where you are? How would you approach this hurdle today? Get over the fear. I started selling insurance at ACU right after school. I was 22 and scared of visiting business owners and even friends in Abilene. Making sales is not for the faint of heart. You need to put yourself there, overcome your fears of rejection, and work hard to achieve the things you want to achieve.

What changes have you seen in Abilene during your career? What changes do you want to see? Abilene is changing rapidly, especially in the city center and in the south of the Downtown Abilene (SoDA) district. I love Abilene and it was really cool to be part of the downtown revitalization. I would like more young people to stay in Abilene and connect with what is happening. Abilene is a great place to network and do business.

What was your first summer job? I started mowing lawns when I was eight. It started with our garden and extended to yards on my street. I kept mowing until I could drive and mow lawns during my years at Wylie and ACU. This helped pay for my school, save money for the future, and teach myself to work hard, run a business, and sacrifice temporary ailments for bigger things later. Great summer job.

Where do you find your hard earned free time? When I take time off, I either hang out with my girls, friends, hunt, play golf, work on one of my lots, or spend time outdoors in the mountains or on the deer lease.

Family: Mrs. Katie (almost 10 years old) and two daughters Harper (6) and Nora (4). A son, Micah, is expected this summer.

20 unter 40 2021: Nathan Hathorn, Silverthorne Insurance Brokers LLC
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