Aurora Cannabis fires workers after signing a new brokerage contract

Aurora Cannabis Inc. laid off some employees after signing an agreement with an outside sales broker.

Edmonton-based cannabis company spokeswoman Michelle Lefler confirmed the cuts but did not disclose how many employees were affected or what cities they were in.

According to Lefler, the move was prompted by Aurora’s recent decision to hire Great North Distributors Inc. to represent the top company in sales activities across Canada.

She says the agreement had an immediate impact on some jobs, while other employees will stay with the company for a set period of time.

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Despite the layoff, Aurora will maintain a sales leadership team to work closely with provincial partners and other key stakeholders, according to Lefler.

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Aurora laid off nearly 1,000 employees last year after some of its facilities were shut down to streamline operations.

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Will Aurora Stock Go Up?

Will Aurora Stock Go Up?

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Can You Get Rich With Penny Stocks?

Is Aurora Stock a Buy? Aurora’s share price is unlikely to drop to zero. As investors noted in November, even positive news from the industry in general can add up the company’s shares in general. And if Aurora struggles, it can use another stock split to boost the stock price.

Should You Buy Canopy Growth Or Aurora?

Do Penny Stocks Really Make Money? Yes, but they can also lose a lot of money. Penny stocks are a risky investment, but there are a few ways you can reduce the risk and put yourself in a position to make money from penny stocks.

What if my stock goes to zero?

While Aurora Cannabis seems like the cheaper option, Canopy has a lot more financial stability and is therefore a better buy. Although the two companies’ 2020 fiscal 2020 net losses are on par at around $ 1.4 billion (annualized for Aurora), Canopy has a lot more cash to weather deficits.

Is It A Good Time To Buy Aurora Stock?

Is It A Good Time To Buy Aurora Stock?

A price drop to zero means that the investor will lose their entire investment – a return of -100%. … Since the stock is worthless, the investor holding a short position does not have to buy back the stock and return it to the lender (usually a broker) which means that the short position will yield a 100% return.

Why is Aurora stock falling?

The updated Q4 guidelines have set expectations extremely low. If Aurora can continue to cut costs, increase sales, and reduce cash burn, the stock is a great long-term bet.

Is ACB a Buy or a Selling?

Today’s decline came after the company released a business update last week. Aurora is in the midst of a business transformation to become profitable. Zack’s rank definition
Annualized return 1 Strong buy
24.41% 2 to buy
17.88% 3 Stop
9.48% 4th To sell

Does Aurora stock pay a dividend?

Does Aurora stock pay a dividend?


Which stocks pay the highest dividends?

While Aurora has not paid a traditional dividend to investors as of this writing, the spin-off from Australis produced a similar result. In fact, the Australis sale meant a one-time dividend of around 1% for shareholders. symbol Companies
Displayed return% (General meeting) Federal Agricultural Mortgage
4.4% (HPQ) H P.
3.2% (SMMF) Summit Financial
3.0% (TSBK) Timberland Bancorp

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3.3% symbol Name of the company
Dividend yield PRU Prudential Financial Inc.
5.35% IBM International Business Machines Corp.
5.14% JUICE Safety Insurance Group Inc.
4.48% TO WASH Washington Trust Bancorp Inc.

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Is it worth buying an Aurora share?

Hirsch Industry (STAG)

Aurora Cannabis fires workers after signing a new brokerage contract
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