Brokerslink pounces on another broker | Insurance business

Some companies claim to be global when they operate in some of the largest countries in the world – but Brokerslink shows what the term really means.

The brokerage business started the new year with the addition of independent broker JDB in North Macedonia and announced three new brokerage firms: Juasur in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Fidelia in Senegal and Risk Management Services in Pakistan.

« We are entering the year 2021 under difficult market conditions, » said Christos Gavriel (picture), Regional Manager Europe at Brokerslink. “It is under these circumstances that brokers’ technical skills and market knowledge are best tested. At Brokerslink, we pride ourselves on our network of high quality, professional, independent brokers who work together and draw on collective experience to provide innovative solutions to their clients. « 

JDB, which Gavriel said was « delighted » to be welcomed to the group, has been in business since 2009 and is a growing broker focused on customer service. The owner and managing director Brankica Pavleska explained that the companies have a lot in common.

“As a company, our core values ​​are loyalty, commitment, energy, responsibility and integrity in our work. Qualities that we also see in the Brokerslink team and in the entire network, ”said Pavleska. “JDB Broker will be available to our partners and affiliates as well as their customers in Macedonia. We are ready to share our local knowledge of the Macedonian market, our expert advice and guidance with the Brokerslink community. « 

Brokerslink pounces on another broker | Insurance business
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