Brunel Insurance Brokers reports positive customer feedback

Although 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, a telephone survey by Brunel Insurance Brokers found that clients were generally satisfied with the broker’s performance.

In late 2020, the company’s customer service team called all of Brunel’s customers asking for feedback on the service. It was found that 92% of customers who took part in the survey rated Brunel as “very good” or “excellent”.

“The Brunel Group is pleased to receive further excellent feedback from our customers for another year in a row. We are excited to expand and improve our services wherever possible and greatly appreciate customer feedback, ”said Russell Lane, Brunel Group CEO, commenting on the survey results.

Lane added that throughout the pandemic, the Brunel team had worked tirelessly to support their clients to ensure the renewal process went smoothly even during difficult times.

« This excellent feedback strengthens our position as a customer-oriented broker, » said the CEO.

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The predominantly positive customer feedback from Brunel concludes a strong year for the placement. In January 2020 Brunel announced its expansion into Scotland. In December, the company opened the Brunel Group House in Stockton – a company from which Brunel expanded its customer base in the northern regions.

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Also in December, Brunel announced the acquisition of Coventry-based insurance broker Inman & amp; Associates – Brunel’s second acquisition in two years after purchasing Glentworth Insurance Services in March 2019.

Brunel Insurance Brokers reports positive customer feedback
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