Buy Cryptocurrency: The 3 Best Websites With No Commissions

There’s no doubt about it: cryptocurrencies are one of the most promising investments for 2020.

Getting started with cryptocurrencies can be confusing, however. Where to start How much money do you need to invest? Which crypto should you invest in and which platforms should you use?

In our manual we answer all of these questions and show you a simple and foolproof way to buy cryptocurrency easily and quickly.

How do I buy cryptocurrencies?

How do I buy cryptocurrencies?

Before you start buying cryptocurrencies, you should know that the process is not as complicated as you might think. Simple :

In the following steps we explain how to get started.

Choose a crypto platform

First, choose a secure platform like eToro. Take the time to study what each platform has to offer. As a reminder, some brokers do not offer a category of cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and 13 other available cryptocurrencies:

One of the best ways to buy cryptocurrency is through a secure trading platform. And if there is one safe online broker that you should trust, it is eToro. This is clearly a regulated and promising broker, not only for the experienced but also for the novice.

eToro is a broker that was founded in 2007 and has made a name for itself by providing an easy and beginner-friendly way to invest with its social and copy trading platform.

eToro offers a wide variety of payment methods, including bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, Skrill, Sofort and Neteller.

In addition, a mobile application is available to manage your investments from your smartphone and eToro offers a free wallet service. In short, eToro remains and is currently the best place to buy cryptocurrency. A bank card is important to buy cryptocurrencies on this exchange.

For more information, see our eToro review and tutorial.

75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should be wondering if you can afford the high risk of losing your money.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile, unregulated investment products. No protection for EU investors.


184 cryptocurrencies available

Binance is a trading platform that offers one of the most competitive rates for buying virtual currency.

The exchange accepts users from all over the world and has received positive reviews from the crypto community using it to invest in darker cryptocurrencies like ECR30 tokens etc. With over 180 cryptos, this exchange offers everything for the crypto investor who wants to diversify their portfolio.

The basic fee for transactions with Binance is 0.1% for manufacturers and consumers, and Binance offers a 25% discount if you have BNB tokens.

Although Binance offers great advantages such as low license fees, the platform is more suitable for advanced investors as it has more complex features and the buying process is not as simple as it is with eToro.

Binance also doesn’t accept fiat payments, which means that you must already own one cryptocurrency in order to be able to exchange it for another. Binance is also unregulated and there is a risk of security breach or loss of money.


11 available cryptocurrencies

Coinbase is the world’s largest crypto exchange with over 30 million users and 102 countries worldwide. It is also one of the few regulated crypto exchanges.

This platform offers one of the easiest ways to buy cryptocurrency in France and supports a range of payment options including PayPal.

However, Coinbase is known to be one of the more expensive options, especially when it comes to credit card payments. So, if you want to invest in cryptocurrency cheaply, we recommend trying the other two platforms listed above.

Buy cryptocurrencies

Buy cryptocurrencies


The eToro platform is to date the best online broker to buy crypto assets. It offers various payment options for purchasing digital assets, and eToro is one of the few brokers to offer PayPal as a means of processing cryptocurrency purchases.

75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should be wondering if you can afford the high risk of losing your money.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile, unregulated investment products. No protection for EU investors.

Step 1: Register with eToro

The first step is to create your account by clicking the link above.

Step 2: Transfer the account

You can then top up your account. The minimum deposit to get started is $ 200 or around € 160. You can make a deposit by credit card, wire transfer and PayPal. Note that there are higher fees for credit card deposits.

Step 3: find the cryptocurrency of your choice

Now you have to select the cryptocurrency of your choice from the dashboard. eToro has 16 cryptocurrencies.

Step 4: Click on « Invest »

When you have made your choice, click « Invest ». You can now choose to buy the cryptocurrency and own the asset or trade it as a CFD.

To buy the tokens directly, choose no leverage. Simply enter your amount and click on « Open Position ». To trade CFDs you need to set Stop Loss, Leverage and Take Profit and then click on “Open Position”.

Step 5: Submit your tokens to your eToro wallet

Your tokens will now be displayed in your eToro account. You can choose to send them to your eTorox wallet (available for iOS and Android devices) or to the wallet of your choice.

To buy with the eToro Wallet, simply log into the account using a web browser. Select the desired cryptocurrency on the « Balance » tab. Then click on the « Buy … » page and determine the amount of fiat you want to spend to see the conversion to cryptocurrency. Eventually you will be redirected to the third party (Simplex) to complete the purchase process.

75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should be wondering if you can afford the high risk of losing your money.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile, unregulated investment products. No protection for EU investors.


The credit card remains the most convenient way to buy cryptocurrency on the Binance platform. It also guarantees two essential purchase options. Firstly, it is possible to link the Visa card directly to your online broker account. This payment method is widely appreciated because it is not only economical but also very fast.

Step 1: Register with Binance

The first step is to register by clicking on this link.

Step 2: deposit money

To use this service, simply go to « Buy Crypto » and select an amount in one of the offered fiat currencies. Then click Next to go to the Add Card page. Finally, link your Visa card to instantly buy the currencies based on their availability.

Second, the use of payment partners and electronic wallets (Epay, Payeer, Advcash) is possible with Binance. Access to this service is similar to a credit card with one exception. Instead of linking your card, you should instead choose a payment processor from the list offered by the platform. The most popular payment processors include:

Binance is not responsible for any difficulties encountered by its partners.

The Binance platform accepts bank transfers in certain countries such as Australia, USA, Singapore, Jersey and Uganda. European investors are therefore using Binance Jersey to validate the acquisition of cryptocurrencies.

Step 3: buy virtual currencies

To purchase cryptocurrency by wire transfer, you must first register with Binance Jersey and go through the identification process. In other words, your identity details must match those of your bank account.

After this verification of your account, you will have the flexibility to fund it to buy the crypto via bank transfer.


Step 1: Register with Coinbase

The first step is registration. Click on this link to open your Coinbase account.

Step 2: deposit money

To make life easier for investors, Coinbase offers two alternatives for buying cryptos: either by bank transfer or by credit card. It is up to everyone to choose the option that suits them best.

The purchase of cryptocurrencies on Coinbase is instant. The weekly purchase limit is 1000 euros and you have to pay 3.49% of the cost of each transaction. The process is not only simple but also quick. All you have to do is enter the details of the bank card and select the digital currency you want.

Step 3: buy

Go to the top menu where you click the « Buy / Sell » section and then click « Buy ». Choose the coveted virtual currency. Finally, please enter the purchase amount and the bank account information. You will receive a summary of the purchase at after confirmation by clicking on « Buy now ».

The deadline for the transfer is a maximum of one week. You can only spend 9,000 euros per week at a price of 1.49% per transaction. Bank transfer is a very economical method of payment, although it is not instant.

In relation to the transfer to Coinbase, the online broker’s RIB must be registered with the bank. To do this, go to the « Accounts » page and press « Deposit ». Once the bank details have been entered, the RIB will be displayed by Coinbase. The latter should be added to the list of recipients of transfers from your bank.

To transfer money from your bank account to Coinbase, you will need to provide the Coinbase reference number. Otherwise, the recipient of the transfer is completely unknown.

In which cryptocurrencies should be invested?

In which cryptocurrencies should be invested?

Bitcoin – the most popular cryptocurrency

Bitcoin was introduced in 2009 and is the mother of all cryptocurrencies. Today, Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Bitcoin also introduced the technology that underlies many cryptocurrencies – the blockchain.

Why invest in Bitcoin?


Ethereum – number 1 in blockchains for dApps and smart contracts

In 2015, Ethereum pushed the use of the blockchain even further and proposed that intelligent contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) be set up with it. It is the second largest cryptocurrency today.

Why invest in Ethereum?


Tezos – Strong competitor of Ethereum

Tezos holds the record for the largest cryptocurrency fundraiser (ICO) recorded through 2017 ($ 232 million). This network of smart contracts uses an on-chain governance process as the first self-scaling blockchain.

Why invest in Tezos?

Discover all the news from Tezos

Dash – digital cash par excellence

In 2014, Dash started out to become the cash equivalent. Thus, the blockchain is ideal for everyday payments as it offers ultra-fast transactions. It is also possible to protect the information of its transactions by making them anonymous.

Why invest in Dash?

Discover all the news from Dash

Stellar – financial network for everyone

Much like the Ripple network, Stellar has focused more on developing a global open financial network for all since its launch in 2014. The main purpose of this platform is to enable instant international transfers.

Why invest in Stellar?


Other ways to invest in cryptocurrencies

Person-to-person exchanges

The trusted third party is not present when exchanging cryptocurrencies, unless it is a peer-to-peer exchange. For this reason, two people can agree to buy the digital currencies. This corresponds to exchanging a product in an online shop.

In the past, peer-to-peer trading on platforms like LocalBitcoins was the heyday of the cryptocurrency market, and Bitcoin in particular. Currently, the method is at half-mast in developed countries. This is clearly justified by the fact that we do not know who we trust. In other words, security seems questionable with such an exchange, so we do not recommend it.

Is it possible to buy cryptocurrencies anonymously?

If there’s one question that plagues investors, it is whether you can buy cryptocurrency without verification or anonymously. The rule of thumb is to purchase digital currency from a regulated location. However, anonymous transactions are possible on websites approved by financial organizations.

In fact, there are crypto asset exchanges that accept opening an account without verification. So you can use any name. However, it is unthinkable to buy the currencies on these websites with fiat currency.

By what alchemy can we buy cryptographic currency without verification? There are various options available to you to achieve this goal:

Such a crypto-asset retrieval practice is not recommended if it can open the door to fraud. Why not trust eToro, a regulated website that protects investors?

How do I buy cryptocurrencies with PayPal, credit card and euros?

Buying cyber currencies in euros by credit card or PayPal is the most popular process for replenishing your crypto wallet.

Using a bank card is highly recommended as delivery of cryptos is instant. You therefore benefit from using the bank card on the following platforms: Binance, Coinhouse, Coinbase, eToro …

However, ESoro remains the best option, especially since it is one of the few platforms that accepts purchases in euros via credit card and PayPal.

75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should be wondering if you can afford the high risk of losing your money.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile, unregulated investment products. No protection for EU investors.

How do I choose a cryptocurrency platform?

Various details are considered when choosing a cryptocurrency platform. Potential investors can review these parameters before making the final decision. The following points must be observed:

The calculation of trading fees is based on the transaction volume. In reality, these commissions are between 0.01 and 0.5%. For an illustration, take $ 5 from all withdrawals while Coinbase won’t charge them. In addition, the cost of buying cryptocurrencies by bank card is very high (sometimes 10%).

In order to prevent the funding of illegal activities, every customer must enter their personal information on every cryptocurrency platform in order to be able to carry out an exchange. In other words, verifying your identity is a parameter that should not be neglected. Review times vary from platform to platform. While they’re short for Coinbase, those times are longer for Kraken.

Choosing a cryptocurrency platform also depends on the number of assets being traded. The Binance platform stands out from the rest with the long list of cryptocurrencies available on their website. However, other exchange locations have some higher-traded assets.

The higher the exchange volume, the more liquidity there is on a cryptocurrency platform. In either case, the speed of the transaction prevents price volatility.


While there are many ways to buy crypto these days, by far the easiest and fastest way is through an online broker.

Make sure to choose a regulated platform like eToro when doing this. Your investment is safe and you have access to great educational resources to help you begin your trading journey.

Finally, remember that all transactions are risky. So don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should be wondering if you can afford the high risk of losing your money.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile, unregulated investment products. No protection for EU investors.

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What are the fees for Binance?

Fees are charged for trading activities on Binance. The flat rate for trades is 0.1% of the trade amount. Using the BNB token for trading activities results in a 50% discount so the fee is 0.05%.

What are the fees for Coinbase?

Compared to Coinbase Pro, Coinbase’s transaction fees are quite high. They charge a 3.99% fee for credit / debit card transfers and a 1.49% fee for transfers.

What are the fees for Kraken?

The fees for Kraken are relatively low compared to market prices. On average, the transaction fees are between 0.15% and 0.25% and vary mainly depending on the transaction volume. Withdrawal and deposit fees vary by currency.

Which crypto should be invested?

Cryptocurrency Price ($) Variation over the year
Bitcoin (BTC) 7.539 + 96.16%
Ethereum (ETH) 132.9 – 5.62%
Ripple (XRP) 0.19 – 46.39%
Litecoin (LTC) 42.3 + 32.29%

Which cryptocurrency should be invested in 2021?

Surname, surname Market capitalization Number in circulation
Ethereum (ETH) + 134 billion euros 114 M.
Ripple (XRP) + 10.3 billion euros 45.4 billion
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) over EUR 6.9 billion 18.6 M.
Tether (USDT) more than 50.5 billion euros 24 billion

Which crypto should be bought in 2020?

6 cryptocurrencies to buy for 2020 and beyond

  • Bitcoin (BTC) First of all, I’m not going to be original, but rather efficient. …
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT) The success of Basic Attention Token never fluctuates every month. …
  • Enjin Coin (ENJ) …
  • Binance Coin (BNB) …
  • Nexo (NEXO) …
  • Ethereum (ETH)

Which crypto for 2020?

In our opinion, the most promising cryptocurrencies for 2020 and the coming years are the Tezos (XTZ), Stellar Lumens (XLM) and ChainLink (LINK), whose prices have risen sharply in recent months.

How can I withdraw my money from Binance?

Binance: How to withdraw in euros to your account …

  • 1- Go to your Binance wallet (spot) …
  • 2- Enter the amount you want to withdraw to your bank account. …
  • 3- Enter your IBAN. …
  • 5- Perform the security check of your withdrawal.

How do I get bitcoins?

Recently, a programmer nicknamed u / Coding_Enthusiast came up with a simpler tool to recover data from lost keys and find lost bitcoins. The tool was called « FinderOuter » and was published on the Reddit platform.

How can I withdraw my bitcoins in euros?

To make the payout, click on « Payout » on the Euro line (EUR). Then all you have to do is select the amount and the target account. If you have not yet registered an account, you can do so at this point.

How do I trade cryptocurrency on Binance?

To trade your cryptocurrencies on Binance you need to:

  • Click the Exchange tab at the top of the screen.
  • Select the trade pair you want to run.
  • Retrieve information about trading (market development, trading volume, number of cryptocurrencies purchased, etc.);

How do I sell my crypto on Binance?

  • Go to and log into your Binance KYC verified account.
  • Choose whether to buy or sell and which currencies to trade.

How do I sell crypto on Binance?

Click on « Market / Exchange ». then « Basic / Basic » at the top left of the screen. Choose the type of market (BTC market if you want to collect bitcoins). Select the crypto that you want to sell.

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