Coin tutorial: how do I order my card?

It’s difficult to get into cryptocurrency without hearing about debit cards. If you haven’t dared to take the plunge, here’s a complete guide on how to order your card and take advantage of cashback offers.

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First step: create an account

First step: create an account

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After downloading the app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store, you need to register by entering your email address first (screenshot below left). A confirmation link will be sent to your email box.

After clicking on this link, you will be asked to provide your mobile number (screenshot on the right). Then you just have to confirm your registration by entering the code received via SMS.

Create an account in the application

The identity verification process (KYC)

The identity verification process (KYC)

Once your account is created, you will need to complete the mandatory client authentication process in order to order debit cards from

Here are the elements required to validate your KYC:

Please note that to order your card, you must also present proof of address from less than 3 months ago (electricity, water, telephone bill, etc.).

Choice of card

Choice of card

There are different models of debit cards with different benefits. While the base card (blue) does not require a CRO (the project token), the other models require a certain number of tokens. You need to lock them out for a period of at least 6 months. However, if you choose to keep the required CROs at stake longer, your benefits are greater.

In the comparison table below, you will learn all the advantages associated with the different layers / colors of cards.

Comparison of the advantages of the different models of cards – update 03/10/2020

For example, to own the Ruby Card, you must be the lucky owner of 1000 CROs (around $ 150 at the time of writing this guide). In return, you will receive 2% cashback (in CRO) on all purchases made with your card and free access to the Spotify website.

If you choose the Ultra Premium offer and the Obsidian Black card (opposite) in addition to Spotify, you also have free access to Netflix, Amazon Prime and a 10% discount on Expedia and Airbnb. In addition, the cashback of your purchases here increases to 8%. However, it costs 1 million CRO to buy.

Alternative and much more accessible deals are available for 100,000 and 10,000 CROs. So it’s up to you to decide which card tier suits you best, depending on your needs and budget.

After you’ve secured the CROs required to purchase the card of your choice – either on an exchange or directly through – you can order your due date.

Ordering a card

In the menu at the bottom right of your application, click on « Card » to select the card you want and place an order. A summary will appear on the next screen (bottom left) reminding you of the number of CROs required for the selected card, as well as the need to suspend it for 6 months.

After validation, you will receive a summary of the order (bottom right), the number of blocked CROs with their value in euros and the weekly upper limit depending on the selected card (here € 7,000 per week for the Ruby card).

Order your card

Load your card into crypto and off you go!

While you are waiting for your card to be physically received, you can top it up and use it as a virtual card via the app.

The card can be reloaded with Bitcoins (BTC), Ethern (ETH), Litecoins (LTC), EOS, Sternlumen (XLM), Ripple XRP or even with PAX and TUSD stablecoins. .

Once your cryptocurrencies are loaded, all you have to do is enjoy the cashback on your card!

You can pay for your purchases at any merchant that accepts Visa debit cards. The conversion from crypto to fiat currency (dollars, euros, etc.) takes place automatically and transparently for the merchant and the cardholder.


We hope you found this step-by-step guide useful. Also, remember that after the initial 6 month period, if you decide to unlock your CROs, the benefits you are benefiting from will be suspended or reduced (e.g. free Spotify / Netflix subscriptions will be discontinued, cashback reduced etc.). ).

Note that it is always possible to re-stack CROs to take advantage of these benefits, just as it is possible to upgrade your card tier as you purchase more CROs.

How do I get your money back at crypto com?

Visit and click the Sign In button (top right corner). After logging into your account, click on Balance (top right corner). Find the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw and tap Withdraw.

How can I withdraw Bitcoin?

Link it to a bank account and deposit at least $ 10. Add your BTC address to Coinbase. Sell ​​your BTC to Coinbase so you have fiat currency in a wallet. Press the « Withdraw » button from this wallet.

How do I get your money back on blockchain?

In your personal dashboard, navigate to the balance in the top right corner. Click Remove. In the Currency drop-down menu, select the appropriate type of cryptocurrency that you want to withdraw. From the Destination Address drop-down menu, select My Blockchain Address.

What is Crypto com? is a platform that is used to do all of the more basic spot transactions.

How do I pay with the Crypto Com card?

Add money to my Visa Card:

  • Go to the map page.
  • Tap Add Money.
  • Choose your preferred reload method. – cryptocurrency ** or. – credit / debit card *
  • Enter the amount in EUR or GBP **
  • Confirm the transaction (the rate will be locked for 15 seconds)

How do I buy from crypto com?

Step 1. Open the application and tap u201cBuy u201d. Step 2. Select the cryptocurrency that you want to buy.

How can you sponsor on crypto com?

When you sign up for the exchange using a referral link, you will receive CRO tokens worth up to $ 50 as a sign up bonus. To be eligible, you must first pass the CRO token identity verification and staker process.

Where can you buy Cro?

Where can I buy MCO and CRO tokens? Today, MCO and CRO tokens are listed on most exchange platforms in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. You can find them on both the Bittrex and Bithumb platforms, for example.

How does the Crypto-Com card work?

A bank card with 1 to 8% cashback on all your purchases (Crypto Card)

  • The card is available in the US, Europe and Singapore.
  • There are no annual or monthly fees.
  • You can buy more than fifty different cryptocurrencies.

Coin tutorial: how do I order my card?
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