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The week of 02/01 In a nutshell – Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news are in constant turmoil. There are times when important information gets lost in the daily message flow and you miss important points.

This format is intended to help. We take a look back at last week’s news in Crypto Weekly to keep you updated on the current cryptocurrency situation.

L’immanquable you coin

L’immanquable you coin

For the basics of this week, let’s take a look at an article by Thomas Borrel. In this work, he shares with us his thoughts on the sacralization of the tokenization of assets.

Token et tokénisation: the fin de tous les maux… de liquidité?

One of the biggest often touted benefits is that tokenization makes an asset more liquid. This is vital in attracting investors to assets that typically lack liquidity. Much of the tokenization debate has centered on this point, largely because it has been a major issue in the past for many categories of traditional assets.

In practice, an asset makes it easier for investors to buy or trade tokens and only buy a fraction of its total value if desired.

However, in some cases it can be misleading to define an asset based on its liquidity. As with any asset, it ultimately comes down to its underlying quality. The tokenization process cannot make a weak asset strong simply because it comes with the expectation of increased liquidity. A broken property always sags, symbolically or not.

Efficiency and risk

Maximizing efficiency and minimizing risk have always been two important pillars for any financial institution. However, there are still a number of financial instruments that are still very sensitive to problems in these areas, especially those that are traded « over the counter » (OTC). Probably the best example is the bond market, a billion dollar market where OTC transactions are still common.

When conducting an OTC transaction, it is often done over the phone, with one person calling another to decide on a transaction. This leads to an enormous information risk. In fact, teams responsible for corporate actions report error rates of up to 40%. When the transaction instructions are forwarded to the custodians, they will see the discrepancy. You then need to investigate and figure out what went wrong, which often leads to very long delays in payment terms.

Do not hesitate to read the entire article for more information: Stop the sacralization of tokenization of assets on the blockchain!

L’actualité en bref

L’actualité en bref

▶ Banks to Avoid When Holding Bitcoin. just updated its ranking of banks based on their relationship with cryptos. Which Are The Most Crypto-Friendly Banks … And Which Are Best To Avoid?

▶ The blockchain area from IBM is closed. This announces that less than 10% of the employees on the blockchain team will continue to work in this office.

▶ Sushiswap goes to IEO. For example, the platform unveiled MISO, a set of tools that can be used to create and distribute ERC-20 tokens. This also enables funds to be raised through the initial exchange offer.

▶ Ethereum miners make money. The latter broke a new income record at $ 830 million in January 2021.

▶ VISA wants to democratize cryptocurrencies. Therefore, VISA wants to make it easier for banks to buy, exchange and store cryptocurrencies. Ultimately, they should be able to offer products that are geared towards cryptocurrencies.

▶ While the bull market is in full swing, here are some trading tips from Trading du Coin!

📊 The 5 métriques de la semaine

📊 The 5 métriques de la semaine

➤ $ 60.9 billion is the volume recorded by decentralized exchanges in January 2021. Uniswap leads the way with half the volume or $ 30 billion.

➤ $ 900 billion, the volume that has been recorded by centralized exchanges since January 2021. While DEXs are breaking records, CEXs continue to lead.

➤ 100,000% is the astronomical rate of return a user received from reselling an NFT. The work that Hashmask bought for 0.1 ETH was actually sold for 125 ETH two days after the purchase.

➤ 4.7 billion US dollars corresponds to the ETH of fund manager Grayscale. That number only grows after the American giant bought $ 116 million ETH earlier this week.

➤ $ 11 million is the losses the yEarn protocol suffers after being attacked. The striker has now got hold of $ 2.8 million in loot.

I wish you a good week in the Journal du Coin! 🙂

Which crypto is going up today?

Name currency price %.
Dogecoin 0.0503 7.19%
rope 1.0017 0.16%
PACcoin 0.0016 26.95%
Bitcoin SV 192.4048 2.46%

Which cryptocurrency will explode in 2020?

The third Bitcoin halving took place in May 2020. The number of Bitcoins unlocked for mining a block decreased from 12.5 Bitcoins to 6.25 Bitcoins. Due to this halving, Bitcoin supply is expected to only increase 2.5% in 2020 – an all-time low for the cryptocurrency. It is expected to rise less than 2% in 2021.

Is it Smart to Invest in Bitcoin Now?

There is currently an abundance of positive sentiment about Bitcoin. Some investors compare Bitcoin to gold as a potential store of value, as its relative value increases against both the US dollar and gold. … the price of this crypto-asset should go up as demand exceeds supply and total supply is limited.

Will Ethereum Overtake Bitcoin?

Of the 1,600+ cryptocurrencies available in the market, Bitcoin and Ethereum are in the top three. According to Forbes, citing the platform’s aggressive growth, Ethereum could overtake Bitcoin in 2018.

Will Ripple XRP Reach $ 1000?

Will XRP Reach $ 1000? No, Ripple XRP will never reach $ 1000. This is because the total circulation is less than $ 100 billion, which means that it would take a market cap of $ 100 trillion to hit a price tag of $ 1000.

Will XRP Make Me A Millionaire?

I think the simple answer is no, 200 Ripple coins will not make you a millionaire in the future. Ripple itself is worth 500 trillion, simply, if it’s worth that much, it would likely equate to having 10,000 with today’s money in the future. … so 200 coins would be worth $ 2,000.

Will XRP Make Me Rich?

Yes. XRP can make you rich. Although there has been a sharp drop recently, several factors suggest it is a good investment and that the price may rise in the future. XRP is being tested in selected banks as a replacement for SWIFT money transfers.

What’s the Best Crypto News Site?

Best Cryptocurrency News Websites

  • # 1 u2014 CoinDesk. One of the leading names among the top cryptocurrency media websites devoted to blockchain and crypto is CoinDesk. …
  • # 2 u2014 CoinTelegraph. …
  • # 3 u2014 CCN. …
  • # 4 u2014 TodayOnChain. …
  • # 5 u2014 news BTC. …
  • # 6 u2014 Bitcoin Magazine. …
  • # 7 u2014 CryptoSlate. …
  • # 8 u2014 Bitcoinist.

Why are Bitcoin prices falling?

The two-day bitcoin sell-off wipes out over $ 100 billion from the entire crypto market. Bitcoin price fell 10% in two days, falling below the $ 32,000 level for the first time since January. The break-in comes after US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned of the illegal use of cryptocurrencies.

Why is the crypto market declining today?

In 24 hours, nearly $ 26 billion wiped out the cryptocurrency market after CNBC massively cut oil prices. Cryptocurrency markets collapsed after oil prices fell sharply and stocks continued to sell out.

Should I buy Bitcoin before or after the halving?

If you own bitcoins, you really don’t have to do anything before, during, or after the halving. The bitcoins in your wallet or in an exchange remain just as secure as they were before the halving.

Will the ripple reach $ 1?

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, recently shared RippleNet’s stats on Twitter. In short, Ripple’s expansion has contributed to the surge in XRP price, and recent analysis suggests that XRP at $ 1 could be possible in the near future.

What will ripple be worth in 10 years?

Based on current projections, most of the company’s employees agree that Ripple’s value could soar to $ 200 to $ 300 in ten years. It is in the company’s best interests if the price continues to rise as it makes XRP less volatile.

What will ripple be worth in 2025?

year High potential Potential low
2021 $ 27 $ 0.05
2022 $ 34 $ 0.50
2023 $ 14 $ 8
2024-2025 $ 140 $ 14

Crypto Weekly # 132 – Cryptocurrency news of the week
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