Cryptocurrencies: Invest 87% in 5 ESSENTIAL cryptos for 2021

Given the evolution of digital assets and the analysis of the various trends of the year that is drawing to a close, it is important to invest in cryptocurrency in 2021. In order to properly use such an investment, it is necessary to have an extensive portfolio. Indeed, 5 major cryptos need to appear in your wallet. A priori, they should make up around 87% of your portfolio.

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Bitcoin (BTC), a major cryptocurrency in 2021

Bitcoin (BTC), a major cryptocurrency in 2021

To invest in cryptocurrency in 2021, Bitcoin should be your first resort. In fact, Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency of all cryptocurrencies. Can also be found on all cryptocurrency buying platforms. Not only is it the most widely accepted cryptocurrency, it is also the very first of the cryptocurrencies. It is very important to have a large part of your wallet in this cryptocurrency. Sometimes Bitcoin’s value goes up while others go down at the same time.

The need to own bitcoin

The need to own bitcoin

When other cryptocurrencies rise, Bitcoin falls in turn. It can vary, but the average Bitcoin wallet will help balance out. You can also secure your cryptos. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency with a larger capitalization. This implies that it is the cryptocurrency in which a large segment of investors invest the most.

So it’s a form of security, a form of insurance. Also, most of the major funds and institutions invest the majority in Bitcoin. Few, if not almost not, in other, much less reliable, exotic cryptocurrencies. In percent, you can build your portfolio up to 47% Bitcoin. Then a second cryptocurrency can follow, which you can use to invest in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin in 2021.

Chain link (LINK)

Chain link (LINK)

Chainlink (LINK) is a cryptocurrency that will be very important in the future. What gives him this place is actually his oracle project. The Oracle project is to bring information outside the blockchain into the blockchain.

Smart contracts

With Chainlink you can create smart contracts. These smart contracts can then interact with their environment. It is very important, in fact, to use oracles in most smart contracts. This is what actually leads Chainlink to develop such a project. From this point of view, it represents an accomplishment and therefore allows you to really invest in cryptocurrency in 2021. Also, one of the great things about Chainlink is that it has very little competition.

A competitor to Chainlink

The BAND protocol, one of its competitors, shouldn’t be overlooked. This is because this crypto is similar to Chainlink and varies between fourth and fifth place in CoinMarketCap. In fact, it is a cryptocurrency with a very large capitalization. So this is also a very good investment. However, your portfolio can contain up to 22% Chainlink.

This way, you can invest in cryptocurrency in 2021 without taking any risk and without fear of losing all your money and investment. In addition to LINK, there are other less liquid, but very reliable cryptocurrencies. However, these cryptos only represent a small part of your wallet in order to ensure a good margin of safety.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance is actually a company with millions of customers. In addition, a profit of up to 1 billion US dollars was achieved in the past year. In addition, Binance has a product that is already working in the market.

Binance: a reliable platform

Binance has a very large number of customers that it can satisfy. It gives them tremendous satisfaction. So customers are very confident in Binance. So Binance has everything it takes to be a worthy business. Binance has offices and employees all over the world. The staff is very warm and always available to ensure customer satisfaction.

Insurance and security

Binance actually has a very good legacy. These resources actually add value to the Binance society. This gives customers more trust and ties them even more to the company. It is a business that is in full swing. So this is a very good guarantee in terms of safety and insurance. Nobody is afraid to invest in Binance Coin or its loyal customers, let alone you.

In reality, your investment in Binance is actually a share. In addition, it can be very rewarding due to its enormous features and benefits. A good heritage, good operation, good customer satisfaction, and very adequate products that meet the needs of its customers. Binance does it very well and makes a very good profit with a very good real and tangible project.

A novel strategy

So you can truly believe in every Binance investment. It is actually this trust in Binance that makes it possible to invest in cryptocurrency. This allows the cryptocurrency to continue to function. His business is running smoothly and in full swing. In addition, Binance is creating deflation. In fact, this is because of how it works.

Binance automatically buys its own cryptocurrencies. Then it takes part of the percentage of its sales. This transaction enables him to buy his own cryptocurrencies. Binance’s goal is to be able to burn them down. This makes them disappear.

The likely rise of the Binance coin

In retrospect, this will reverse inflation against the euro. Of course, the demand will increase. On the other hand, the supply will decrease in turn and at the same time. A good trick because in reality it can cause the price of the cryptocurrency to rise as the supply increases.

It should be noted that the price will multiply over the years. It is therefore very important to make very good profits from it in order to be able to use it for a good investment in cryptocurrency in 2021. However, in order to always ensure a very good balance and margin, only 9% of your profits are made on your wallet.

Of course, there are other cryptocurrencies that are less reliable than the previous ones, but very interesting if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies in 2021. Of course, all of the cryptocurrencies mentioned, which are stated regardless of the percentage difference, are essential for your portfolio to invest in 2021.

Ethereum (ETH)

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The basis of all smart contracts

Ethereum (ETH) is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin (BTC). A large part of the funds and institutions invest in Ethereum (ETH). In fact, a very large part of investors prefer it to Bitcoin. Therefore, they invest a very large part of their fund in ETH, i. H. Ethereum.

Ethereum 2.0

Ethereum is the basis of all smart contracts. In other words, all smart contracts on the blockchain owe their existence to her. Nevertheless, many cryptocurrencies end up on Ethereum. In fact, ETH is like a skeleton that other cryptos on the blockchain are tied to. To invest in cryptocurrency in 2021, Ethereum (ETH) is a very good resort as this crypto has a bright future.

In addition to the greatest advantages and strengths, the brand new update is phase 2.0. That is, Ethereum 2.0. This phase has many other advantages and favors every investor who wants to get into the Ethereum Blockchain (ETH). Despite its advantages, ETH should only make up 8% of your cryptocurrency wallet. However, Ethereum (ETH), like Bitcoin (BTC) and Binance Coin (BNB), is a very good investment.


Especially for all new investors who want to invest in cryptocurrency in 2021. Finally, the list of the five most important cryptographies. It should be noted that these are not the only cryptocurrencies in existence.

Why hold AAVE cryptocurrency in 2021?

The Aave cryptocurrency belongs to the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Do you want to invest in cryptocurrency in 2021? Don’t miss out on having it in your wallet. However, it should only take up 3% of your wallet. However, like the previous ones, it gives you a good guarantee and a good margin of safety. As long as you use them properly. The Aave cryptocurrency is one of the decentralized DeFi financial cryptos. This crypto spills a lot of ink and spit.

Recently, AAVE made headlines in all crypto newspapers. With the decentralized crypto currency DeFi you can take out loans in crypto currencies. How does that happen Well, all you have to do is put a deposit and that’s it. In this way, you can borrow in cryptocurrencies. It also offers you other advantages.

The advantages of the digital asset AAVE

With the deposit you make and the loan you subscribe to, you can earn very good interest rates with DeFi’s decentralized financing via the cryptocurrency. The interest that decentralized funding grants you also lies in the cryptocurrency. So this is a very good investment. If you really need to invest in cryptocurrency in 2021, Aave of Decentralized Finance shouldn’t be missing from your wallet. But obviously at a reduced percentage for a good profit margin and security.

In addition, thanks to the decentralized DeFi financing, Aave offers very great advantages to all users. This can therefore benefit every investor. You can therefore choose AAVE for your cryptocurrency investment projects in 2021. The decentralized financing has a very large customer base. This gives you a guarantee of security. This is a very good investment. Decentralized financing DeFi represents, among other things, the future of financing.


The Aave product and all of its services are very good evidence of this. If we can put it that way, DeFi decentralized funding is the future of funding. Indeed, DeFi decentralized financing promises a very bright future for every investment and every investor. This is a very good perk for investing in cryptocurrency in 2021, but we can add a sixth cryptocurrency to the list. In fact, it has a very large capitalization. It is therefore a good source of cryptocurrency investing in 2021. This cryptocurrency has many advantages like the previous ones.

Synthetix (SNX)

The XRP crypto nugget is actually one of the three largest capitalization cryptocurrencies. XRP is very well received and has a very good partnership. It is therefore very interesting to also use it in order to be able to make a good investment in the cryptocurrency in 2021. Can we also add a last one in order to always give you a wide range of activities?

The Synthetix asset actually uses tokenization. Actions of all kinds are thus marked. Very often the actions of large investors, large corporations, or even large institutions. All in all, it is very important for every investor to get into cryptocurrency in 2021. Indeed, the 2021 cryptocurrency is a very good investment. With the revolution sparked by crypto, it’s also very important to invest in them.

To better invest in cryptocurrency in 2021, you need a balanced portfolio. In fact, it has to comprise an average of 87% of five types of fairly profitable cryptocurrencies. So it’s Bitcoin (BTC) with a 47% share of your wallet. Then Binance Coin at 9%, Chainlink at 8%, Ethereum and finally Aave. However, you can also add other cryptocurrencies such as Synthetix and XRP to your wallet. But they represent cryptocurrency poker hits. In fact, you can win or lose anything with them.

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Cryptocurrencies: Invest 87% in 5 ESSENTIAL cryptos for 2021
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