Cryptocurrency scams, a lucrative business that continues to take many victims

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Latest news

Hitman 3 test: and the bald man smiles?

Agent 47, also known as Hitman, is back for the third and final installment of his « New Adventures ». A trilogy that ends in the nicest possible way for a restart that has captivated us even more than its announcement could have alarmed fans from the very beginning … players who are probably in their forties today.

Raspberry Pi: Our 10 best projects to get started

The Raspberry Pi is arguably the most popular and accessible of all nano-computers. Its attractive price, its flexibility in use and the associated infinite possibilities inspire manufacturers of all kinds and arouse the sensitivity of the public, whose interest has grown in recent years.

Cyberpunk 2077: Elon Musk talks about the game and action from CD Projekt

Needless to say, Cyberpunk 2077 got off to an extremely difficult start, which resulted in CD Projekt falling heavily on the stock market. However, the Polish studio was able to rely on the help of a celebrity to briefly walk up the slope.

Decentralized messaging, real alternatives to WhatsApp?

After the outcry over the updated WhatsApp Terms of Service, many internet users are turning to alternative solutions. But the most famous of them don’t necessarily change the problem. What if this was an opportunity to try a new kind of instant messaging that is more anonymous and, above all, more resolutely decentralized?

RED, Free, B & amp; You, Sosh: What’s the best mobile plan on sale?

Sales are still relevant to the mobile plans department. Operators lower their prices and this allows us to discover extremely beneficial formulas.

Sales 2021: the best high-tech promotions of the weekend (2nd tee)

Already the second sales weekend, which also marks the last days of the second discount. Haven’t you shopped at the beginning of the year? Fortunately, there are still plenty of deals out there to get your hands on your next high-tech device at the best price!

What’s the Best SVOD Platform for Your TV Parties?

It has been a few years since video streaming became one of the most popular ways to consume movies and series. But many services are now offering their various catalogs, from films loved by everyone to exclusive series.

NuraLoop test: state-of-the-art intras

NuraLoop, the second audio headset introduced by Nura, uses the concept of acoustic otoemission from its Nuraphone headset to deliver a sound that is tailored to the user’s hearing profile. This time, the Australian start-up has set itself the task of producing compact and, above all, cheaper Intras. Bet won? You will find out by reading this review.

Trëmma, the solidarity alternative to LeBonCoin by Emmaüs

What if you sold your old items not to get rich, but to support a solidarity project? This is exactly why Trëmma was created, a new marketplace initiated by Emmaus.

Apple Watch: Our picks of the best apps for your connected watch

The Apple Watch is a very fully connected watch with various applications installed by default that you can use to communicate, monitor your health, or move around without taking your smartphone out of your pocket. However, thanks to the hundreds of third-party apps available on the App Store, Apple’s smartwatch can go further.

Cryptocurrency scams, a lucrative business that continues to take many victims
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