GLOBAL: Infinity Maritime as a partner of brokers for alternative maritime financing

London-based digital alternative finance platform Infinity Maritime has announced a collaboration with maritime brokers Maersk Broker, SSY, Arrow and BRS.

Infinity Maritime, which aims to be the first platform to provide alternative maritime finance through digitization that enables a fraction of cargo ship ownership, seeks to create asset-backed meta-units of the ships it has purchased that are tradable, resulting in a secondary market for Investors leads. The platform will focus on creating a sustainable fleet by purchasing and upgrading modern ships in line with the Poseidon Principles for Sustainability.

According to Infinity Maritime, Maersk Broker, SSY, Arrow and BRS will assist the company by sourcing suitable and available ships either as individual assets or as portfolio transactions.

Initially, they will focus on modern Ultramax and Kamsarmax bulk carriers, especially those with the lowest carbon footprint. In addition to selling and buying ships, brokers also have the option of regularly offering charter services, doing market research and trading meta-units. You would also be part of a committee that continuously evaluates the ships and portfolios.

“Alternative finance and credit have become a frequent and recurring topic in the international ship finance industry in recent years. We are actively involved in all aspects of alternative ship finance and ship finance in general, ”said Jesper Bo Hansen, Managing Director of Maersk Broker Advisory Services.

“We believe that different types of securitization will be part of the future alternative financing landscape, and we believe that the Infinity Maritime Meta Unit could become an interesting market alternative for financiers and investors in the maritime industry. We are confident that we can ensure a steady flow of business of sustainable assets to the Infinity platform and look forward to working with the Infinity team, ”added Hansen.

Andrew Graham, Chairman of Infinity Maritime, said, “Infinity is committed to revitalizing – not disturbing – the marine ecosystem. We’re excited to demonstrate our progress in sourcing our first fleet of sustainable bulk carriers by announcing our collaboration with a first group of the most advanced shipbrokers who will also work with us to trade the meta-units that investors own and which represent the value of the ships in the portfolio. « 

Graham continued, “Now is the time to bring the first digitized alternative finance offering for the maritime industry to market. The concept is much better understood now and access to finance in the maritime sector remains much more difficult to secure and shows no sign of deterioration. « 

GLOBAL: Infinity Maritime as a partner of brokers for alternative maritime financing
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