Here are the five crypto messages (Bitcoin, Blockchain, DeFi) to remember this week

Here are the five new cryptos that caught our attention this week:

MicroStrategy is buying more Bitcoin and will continue to do so

The listed IT company MicroStrategy has certainly been a hot topic lately. It must also be said that its CEO, Michael Saylor, has become one of the most ardent defenders of Bitcoin, which for him in particular represents a real bulwark against inflation. Microstrategy also announced that its « investment plan » for the next quarter will include « using Bitcoin as its primary cash reserve asset ». The company now has BTC 38,250 (or $ 519 million) for its CEO. He tweeted that he has over 17,000. If that’s not trust in Bitcoin …

These French judicial officers accept Bitcoin

News of the introduction of Bitcoin in France. Leroi & amp; Since October 1st, 2020, Associates has allowed its customers to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via the BitPay payment processor. Cryptonews spoke to Fabrice Reynaud, the bailiff who had this crypto initiative that automatically marks the company as a pioneer in its industry. « We work a lot with customers who live abroad. Obviously, paying Bitcoin online is faster and easier, » he told us. Bitcoin payments also have the great advantage of being final. There is no chargeback. “The full interview can be read on

Trading in Amazon and Tesla stocks with cryptocurrency is possible

We learned a few hours ago that it is now possible to trade the stocks of large groups such as Tesla, Apple, Google, Amazon and Netflix with cryptocurrencies. It is the FTX crypto exchange that does this. Specifically, the shares of these companies are found in fractions, they are tokenized and added to the catalog of trading pairs. You can therefore exchange Tesla for Bitcoin with just a few clicks. It’s a safe bet that FTX will be quickly copied by its competitors.

Americans are buying more and more Bitcoin … thanks to COVID-19!

Americans are buying more and more Bitcoin (BTC) thanks to COVID! This is the result of a survey of 1,000 US private investors recently commissioned by Grayscale. In particular, it shows that 63% of respondents who « have invested in Bitcoin in the last four months responded that » COVID-19 influenced their decision « . The dean for cryptocurrencies has therefore become « more attractive » over time. The crisis. According to the survey, nearly 40% of those who expressed an interest in Bitcoin viewed it as a « safe haven investment » with a majority in the 35-44 age group. Last interesting number: 55% are interested in investing in Bitcoin compared to 36% last year.

JPMorgan Bank gives back its jacket, it is lined with Bitcoin!

The least that can be said is that the renowned investment bank J.P. Morgan has diverged widely in terms of their position in Bitcoin. We’re even talking about a complete reversal of the jacket at the Olympic level. Three years ago, its CEO described Bitcoin as a « fraud, » and this week the financial institution told its investors in a document that « the potential for long-term increases in Bitcoin (BTC) is considerable. » beautiful cryptocurrency transformed with great potential. « Cryptocurrencies have great utility, » said JP Morgan, specifying that « Bitcoin could appeal to billionaires in the long term. » If it’s also appealing Bitcoin has become the ideal son-in-law!

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Here are the five crypto messages (Bitcoin, Blockchain, DeFi) to remember this week
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