Here are the five crypto news items to remember this week

Here are the five new cryptos that caught our attention this week:

Elon Musk: Bitcoin or Doge?

The cryptosphere is at a loss and asks a question that is as trivial as it is amusing: does Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, prefer Bitcoin or Dogecoin? About a week ago, the Tesla boss only updated his Twitter profile with the Bitcoin logo. The news spread like wildfire and was obviously praised by Bitcoiners and the price of BTC rose 11%. Mr. Space X later said, « Bitcoin is about to become widely accepted by the mainstream financial world. » 24 hours ago, he removed Bitcoin’s B from his profile and posted a slew of tweets praising Dogecoin and declaring it was « the people’s crypto ». It is recalled that the Doge is a crypto that was created as a joke, but has succeeded in settling in the top 10 cryptos, thanks in particular to WallStreetBets. Not bad for a joke!

PayPal: one step closer to cryptocurrencies

A few weeks ago, PayPal’s announcement that it would integrate cryptocurrency services and allow users to buy, sell and hold cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum caused a stir. Earlier this year, the payment giant confirmed its pro-crypto stance. Indeed, the company has announced that it will make « substantial investments » in a « new crypto, blockchain and digital currency business » that « will help create a more inclusive future ». The company’s CEO, Dan Schulman, did not reveal any details, but claimed in an investor briefing that « the volume of crypto assets traded on the PayPal platform » has far exceeded expectations. « He also noted that the current financial system » archaic « . We should therefore hear about the PayPal crypto version very quickly.

Visa, more and more cryptophobic

Hardly a week goes by without the huge visa getting a step closer to the cryptocurrency. After partnering with Bitpanda platform to introduce a crypto debit card, Visa said the company wanted to « work with crypto wallets and wallets » and « all cryptocurrencies are like digital gold, according to a media release from Alfred Kelly, Visa CEO « In an agreement with Neobank First Boulevard, a banking institution that will be the first partner to pilot Visa’s crypto-API offerings, an API is a programming interface for the application. In other words, Visa appears to be running on-site technical tests before rolling out a full range of crypto services to all customers later this year. Sequel follows.

Ethereum: in great shape

Two stories in one about ether. Initially, ETH broke its all-time high, approaching $ 1,700 on February 3. It’s currently around $ 1,600. On the other hand, the interest in ethers seems to be growing. The American crypto investment firm Grayscale has also stated that the flows in ether have exceeded those in bitcoin. In fact, the trust in Ether was increased by another 24,800 ETH (or $ 38 million), bringing the total amount under management to $ 4.3 billion. By comparison, Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust is valued at nearly $ 22.5 billion.

Winklevoss Twins, Bitcoin Billionaires (BTC) to produce GameStop films

We end with a crypto-cinephile message. The famous Winklevoss twins, Bitcoin billionaires, best known for having Facebook stabbed by a certain Mark Zuckerberg, will produce a film about the recent GameStop affair, in which amateur traders, WallStreetBets, will find themselves on a Reddit page and have teamed up to lose billions of dollars to Wall Street hedge funds that haven’t really appreciated. MGM Studios recently acquired the rights to a proposed book on the subject and it is bestselling author Ben Mezrich who is currently writing. We owe him in particular the novel on Facebook, which was adapted for the cinema under the title The Social Network with the Winklevoss twins … the circle is complete!

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Here are the five crypto news items to remember this week
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