Here are this week’s 5 crypto and blockchain news items

Here are the 5 crypto news of the week:

US banks authorized to hold their customers’ cryptocurrencies

The OCC, the US agency responsible for regulating and overseeing national banks, has stated that all state and federal banks could now provide custody services for crypto assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. This is a very important decision that could change the image of cryptocurrencies in particular, which thanks to this decision benefit from the trust of traditional institutions. The OCC said that crypto custody « is a modern form of traditional banking ». There has been a lot of positive feedback in the cryptosphere. Ripple’s CEO tweeted, “Today’s decision is a big step forward. The future has never been a conflict between fiat money and cryptocurrency, the two can and must live together in harmony! « .

Bitcoin Twitter Scam: Hackers Gained Access to Private Messages

Twitter hackers, who recovered the equivalent of $ 120,000 in Bitcoin on July 15, reportedly had access to the messaging services of 36 users, as well as the ability to download personal information from eight certified accounts. Bluebird has not yet disclosed who the accounts are owned. The effects of this hack could therefore go well beyond the relatively small amount of bitcoins that hackers have collected. For example, illegally obtained data and private messages could be used to blackmail celebrities. As a reminder, the reports from Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Apple and Uber are affected.

Banque de France will test a central bank digital currency

The Banque de France this week unveiled the list of companies selected to participate in experiments around a « central bank digital currency, » reports the Journal du Coin. Among these eight providers, we can name HSBC, Société Générale (through its subsidiary Forge), the Swiss bank SEBA Bank AG or even LiquidShare. According to the Banque de France, the work and experiments are focused on « clearing digital currencies of the central bank with the aim of improving cross-border payments ». The experiments will also focus on digital financial stocks and interbank settlement.

Mastercard selects Wirex as the main member

UK cryptocurrency company Wirex has become a core member of the Mastercard network. This information, reported by our colleagues from Cryptonaute citing CNBC, is new evidence of the rapprochement between traditional finance and the world of cryptos. The credit card giant is thus following in the footsteps of its main competitor Visa, which selected the American crypto exchange Coinbase at the beginning of the year. It should be noted that Wirex has been offering a Visa crypto payment card since 2018.

China strengthens blockchain initiatives

It’s no longer a mystery, China has started the blockchain race. We told you about it earlier this week. Beijing News reported that blockchain solutions in Beijing had cut a lot of red tape. According to the newspaper, the amount of paper documents « has been reduced by an average of 40% ». It was about opening bank accounts, applying for loans, or even providing proof of identity. In addition, the country should launch an international version of its Blockchain Service Network (BSN) platform on August 10th. This is open to developers of decentralized applications (dApps) and will in particular integrate Ethereum (ETH) and Tezos (XTZ).

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What is the most profitable cryptocurrency?

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  • In our opinion, the most promising cryptocurrencies for 2020 and the coming years are the Tezos (XTZ), the Stellar Lumens (XLM) and the ChainLink (LINK), whose prices have risen sharply in recent months.
  • What are the best cryptocurrencies of the year?
  • Bitcoin – cryptocurrency No. 1. …
  • Ethereum – cryptocurrency No. 2. …
  • Ripple – Cryptocurrency No. 3. …

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Bitcoin Cash – cryptocurrency No. 4. … Litecoin – cryptocurrency No. 5. … Cardano – cryptocurrency No. 6 …
NEO – cryptocurrency no.7 … 1- Go to the Alvexo online trading platform: Surname, surname
Market capitalization Growth in 1 year Bitcoin (BTC)
over $ 140 billion + 156% Ethereum (ETH)
+ $ 22 billion + 89% Ripple (XRP)

Which crypto should be bought in 2020?

Which crypto should be bought in 2020?

more than $ 9 billion

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  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • + $ 4.8 billion
  • + 85%
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  • Bitcoin (BTC) First of all, I’m not going to be original, but rather efficient. …

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When to buy bitcoin

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Ethereum (ETH)

What is the future of bitcoin?

According to crypto specialists, investments in Bitcoin are likely to remain strong in 2021 as Bitcoin recently set a new record of over $ 35,000.

Here are this week’s 5 crypto and blockchain news items
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