How do brokers rate Ferguson?

Broker recommendations can be a useful indicator when researching stocks. A look at the average rating (sometimes called « consensus ») among analysts can provide an indication of whether or not a stock is worth buying.

Take Ferguson (LON: FERG) as an example. The company’s shares are up 2.14% last month and are currently trading at 8940. But what do the brokers think?

According to the consensus of analysts studying the stock, there could be reason to believe that the positive trend will continue. In terms of trading recommendations, Ferguson currently has:

This shows that analysts are generally positive about the outlook.

At the current price of 8940, the shares of Ferguson are traded at a discount of -5.53% on the 52-week high. The 1-year performance of the shares was 27.5%.

While analyst forecasting can be a useful guide to what City pundits think of a stock’s near-term future, it can be unreliable. To get a better idea of ​​Ferguson’s strengths and weaknesses, it is worth doing your own research. In fact, we’ve identified a few problem areas with Ferguson that you can find out here.

Alternatively, if you want to find more stocks that analysts are bullish on, this Positive Momentum & amp; Broker buys screen.

What is the next ex-dividend day for Exxonmobil 2020?

What is the next ex-dividend day for Exxonmobil 2020?

rating Ex-dividend day Recording date
$ 0.87 / share November 10, 2020 November 12, 2020

Is XOM a Buy or a Selling?

The XOM share also fluctuates with crude oil prices. This can mean quick short-term gains, but it can also mean abrupt sell-offs such as those seen after the March OPEC meeting. Bottom line: Exxon stock is not a buy.

Is Exxon Still Paying a Dividend?

IRVING, Texas – Exxon Mobil Corporation’s board of directors today resolved to pay a cash dividend of $ 0.87 per share on the common stock to be paid to shareholders of record on November 12, 2020, on December 10, 2020.

Is XOM a Good Dividend Stock?

Exxon Mobil A premium SAFE dividend stock that returns 8.0%.

Will the first group pay a dividend in 2020?

Will the first group pay a dividend in 2020?

The dividend is expected to hit 10p in 2019 and 15p in 2020, the latter implying a yield of 5.4% using the current share price.

Will Volkswagen pay a dividend in 2020?

The dividend will be paid by the custodian banks from October 5, 2020 via Clearstream Banking AG after a general deduction of withholding tax of 25% (return on investment) and the solidarity surcharge of 5.5% owed on the return on investment (total of 26.375%). and, if applicable, church tax on the withholding tax.

Does PCG pay a dividend?

Dividend Payment Dates: Dividends on our shares are paid quarterly in the months below. The payment date is the 15th of the month.

Will Barclays pay a dividend in 2020?

Will Barclays pay a dividend in 2020?

To help Barclays meet the needs of businesses and households through the extraordinary challenges posed by COVID-19, the Board of Directors has decided that the company will not make any tentative dividend payments on common stock, provisions for common stock dividends, or share buybacks for 2020.

What dividend does Barclays pay?

Summary Previous dividend Next dividend
Ex-div date August 08, 2019 (Thu) August 05, 2021 (Thu)
payday 23 September 2019 (Mon) September 13, 2021 (Mon)

Do banks pay dividends?

Interim dividend $ 2
Final dividend $ 0.98
Forward P / E 16.39%

Will Centrica pay a dividend in 2021?

Dividend forecasts for 2021: Lloyds, HSBC, Centrica. In 2019, the FTSE 100 achieved a dividend yield of around 4.7%. In 2020, it is likely to drop to around 3.2%, although I think this is still a decent return. The forecasts for 2021 are already looking better, with a return of around 4.2% on the cards.

Will Aviva pay a dividend in 2020?

In its third quarter update released this morning (November 26th), Aviva forecast a final dividend of 14p per share for 2020, bringing the total payout to 21p and lower to mid-single digits thereafter . Aviva paid a dividend of 30p per share for 2018.

What dividend does Standard Life pay?

The interim dividend for 2020 is 7.30 pence. This was paid to shareholders on September 29, 2020.

What is a good dividend yield for a stock?

Often times, the best balance between returns and those stable fundamentals is 4 to 6 percent, Zamil said. Higher yields require careful consideration. « With a dividend yield of more than 10 to 12 percent, we don’t rule them out, we look at them more critically. » he said.

Will Lloyds pay a dividend in 2020?

Analysts are forecasting a recovery in earnings in 2021, but not quite back to 2019 levels. However, a dividend rolled back to roughly half the 2018 upfront payment would yield 4.5% of the current share price. This is only possible because Lloyds shares fell 40% in 2020.

How do brokers rate Ferguson?
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