Inspirational speakers take the virtual stage for the IBAO Keynote Speaker Series

In-person insurance conferences may be suspended for the time being, but that doesn’t mean brokers can no longer access some of the top speakers in Canada and expand their expertise and awareness on critical topics – at least not for the watch of a brokers’ association.

The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) has compiled an exclusive series of coveted inspirational speakers in its Keynote Speaker Series that includes on-demand content for broker teams. The content will cover three categories – Mental Health & amp; Wellness, Marketing, Innovation & amp; Disorder and Equality, Diversity & amp; Inclusion and brokers can register to participate until January 22nd.

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« [This program] was driven in part by a desire to help brokers support their employees, stay inspired, and maintain a positive attitude, » said Brett Boadway, IBAO’s chief operating officer, adding that the last few months have been difficult for realtors. as well as many companies and families.

The series will have big names in the speaking world thanks to the IBAO’s relationship with a public speaking office, which it has turned to at many of its events. This industry in particular has seen great success during the pandemic, so the series became an opportunity not only to provide broker members with access to valuable expertise at a reasonable price, but also to support top-class Canadian speakers.

« I think we can all agree that being a good speaker can really inspire and reshape the way we think, » said Boadway.

The cost of attending the Keynote Speaker Series depends on the size of the broker, as all employees have access via the IBAO LMS. Brokers can purchase specific categories (with five speakers each) or all three categories (for a total of 15 speakers) with different pricing options for brokers with fewer than 10 employees, with fewer than 30 employees, and with more than 30 team members.

The speakers are divided into three categories, with five hour-long sessions in each section of the series. The topics were chosen because they represented some of the most pressing issues the broker channel is currently facing. They also don’t specifically go into technical insurance topics as the series should be more inspiring, ambitious, and motivating, explained Boadway.

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Mental Health & amp; The wellness theme was important to include as brokers may be under pressure in their professional and personal lives right now as marketing, innovation & amp; The disruption category was critical given the digital developments that the pandemic has put at the fore. Likewise, the topics of equality, diversity & amp; Inclusion has been paramount for some time, and speakers featured in this category can help business owners have important conversations that can lead to meaningful changes in the workplace.

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As the registration deadline for January 22nd is fast approaching and the start date for the series is scheduled for February 15th, brokers have already found creative ways to use the Keynote Speaker Series in their offices.

« Some brokers are thinking about having ‘lunch and study’ where they play one of the speakers’ sessions and then have a chat about it, » Boadway said. « This is a great way to host a team building event or just talk about something other than insurance. » You can also access it when needed and get your RIBO lessons while enjoying the session in the peace of your own home. « 

The Keynote Speaker Series is by no means the only educational opportunity that the IBAO is offering its brokers in the first few months of 2021. Boadway highlighted three more upcoming events, starting with an expert who will speak about recruiting the next generation of talent for the brokerage channel on Jan. 27, as well as what that generation is looking for in an employer and how brokers can position themselves to work for this type of To be more attractive to employees.

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In addition, there are two upcoming panels that will be streamed live from IBAO. The first will focus on how COVID has impacted travel insurance to help brokers keep abreast of developments in the evolving travel industry. In the meantime, the second panel is all about selling a broker.

« We know there are some brokers out there who are considering making a change and speeding up their plans for their business, » noted Boadway. « When a group of subject matter experts are talking about what’s involved in selling your broker, how best to position your company for a sale, legal considerations to provide you with funding options, and trigger wires to look out for, will this be very timely this environment. « 

Inspirational speakers take the virtual stage for the IBAO Keynote Speaker Series
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