Interactive Brokers’ shares are up 7% as the DARTs set a record in January

Interactive Brokers LLC (NASDAQ: IBKR) has released its trading metrics for the month of January, showing another record month in Daily Average Transactions (DARTs), a metric that has broken records for the past two consecutive months.

With 3,295,000 DARTs per month, the metric increased by 43 percent compared to the previous month and by 223 percent compared to the same month last year.

This impressive figure was largely supported by the increasing activity of traders in the market with the ongoing frenzy. The recent tremendous volatility in stocks like GameStop, AMC Entertainment, and a few others has rocketed retail demand.

Records across all metrics

Records across all metrics

Additionally, the Connecticut-based broker ended the month with total client capital of $ 313.4 billion. That figure includes the $ 2.43 billion client equity that the broker gained through the Folio acquisition.

The broker’s customer capital increased by 78 percent year-over-year and 9 percent compared to December 2020.

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The broker’s customer margin loan balance rose another 49 percent year-over-year to $ 40.8 billion, which is also 5 percent higher than the previous month. The customer balance of $ 82.7 billion in January was also 40 percent higher than last year and 6 percent higher than the previous month.

In addition, the US-listed broker announced it added 1,189,000 new customers last month, including 57,000 new accounts acquired by Folio. This key figure is 69 percent higher than the previous year and 11 percent higher than the previous month.

Earlier, the broker Finance Magnates had announced that nearly 80 percent of its new clients are from outside the US, citing the increasing number of mutual funds and products that are fractionally available for trading.

In addition, Interactive Brokers secured its position in Europe after Brexit by establishing two local entities, one in Ireland and one in Hungry, to serve its EEA customers.

Meanwhile, the company’s listed shares did well, rising nearly 7 percent as the broker posted record trading levels in January.

Does Interactive Brokers allow scalping?

Does Interactive Brokers allow scalping?

While Interactive Brokers also enables scalping and hedging. You can trade EAs (Expert Advisors) with both IG and Interactive Brokers.

Does Saxo Bank allow scalping?

Trading Functions, Risk Management Tools & amp; Financing methods Saxo Capital Markets allows scalping, but no hedging.

Which platform does Interactive Brokers use?

Platforms and Tools The flagship platform Interactive Brokers offers is the desktop-based Trader Workstation (TWS), which supports trading under the sun, including global assets. While TWS is not designed for new investors, it easily ranks among the best trading platforms in the industry.

Which Forex Broker Is Best For Scalping?

Best brokers for scalping / advanced traders:

  • FP markets.
  • Swissquote.
  • FXCM.
  • Exness.
  • FxPro.
  • FXTM.
  • Introduction to scalping.

Is Ibkr a Good Broker?

A successful combination of tools, asset classes and low cost Interactive Brokers (IBKR) tops our 2020 review due to the wealth of tools for discerning investors interested in tracking global investment trends.

How does Ibkr make money?

They also make money lending stocks to short sellers and keeping the loan proceeds. However, IBKR Lite customers can participate in Interactive Brokers’ stock lending program, the Stock Yield Enhancement Program, and receive interest on cash balances above $ 10,000.

Can i trade on Ibkr?

For daily trading, the account must have a net liquidation value of at least $ 25,000, with the net liquidation value including cash, stocks, options and futures P + L.

Is Interactive Brokers a custodian?

The combination of Interactive Brokers’ extremely strong capital position, experienced and prudent management, strict regulatory oversight, best execution technology and low cost makes IB an excellent choice as a prime broker and custodian for global financial advisors, funds and introductory brokers looking to bid …

Is Ibkr insured?

Cash held in an IBKR securities account is protected under SEC Client Protection Rule 15c3-3. IBKR goes beyond legal requirements to protect your money. In addition to IBKR’s safeguards, the first $ 250,000 in cash is covered by SIPC insurance.

What is SSL Ibkr?

Secure Socket Layer IBKR uses 2048-bit EV certificates, TLS 128-bit encryption or higher to establish a secure connection and ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the information transferred between your computer and IBKR. … Using SSL can affect the performance of your PC depending on its functions.

What happens if Interactive Brokers goes bust?

If Interactive Brokers (or any other broker!) Goes bust, your broker account will still exist. You still have a record of how much you own. Generally, another broker will buy the accounts and migrate all of the inflated broker’s customers to their own systems.

Is Interactive Brokers Good for Beginners?

With the availability of free trades with IBKR Lite, even casual traders could see Interactive Brokers as a strong competitor. However, beginners may prefer a broker that offers a little more hand and educational resources.

Do you need 25,000 for daily trading?

If you do not have $ 25,000 in your brokerage account prior to day trading activities, you will not be allowed to make day trading activities. The funds must be in your account prior to day trading and you must have a minimum balance of $ 25,000 in your brokerage account at all times during day trading.

Why is Interactive Brokers so cheap?

Interactive Brokers Charges You The other reason Interactive Brokers can afford low margin rates is because they charge you for basic account functions like market data and news subscriptions. Most brokers come with free Level 2 data, but Interactive Brokers passes these fees on to customers.

Can Interactive Brokers Go Broke?

IB will NEVER go bankrupt. They are supported by banks. So you can just forget about that. If you really want a stock with your name on it, you’ll need to go through the company’s direct stock purchase program.

Interactive Brokers’ shares are up 7% as the DARTs set a record in January
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