Inventory of the most atypical crypto assets

Since Bitcoin was founded in 2009, many developers have used the excitement of this industry to conduct all kinds of experiments. Let’s discover some of the most surprising ones.

When we hear about crypto assets, the names that come up the most are Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple. But with thousands of cryptoassets, some are far more extravagant than the most popular ones.

Since the founding of Bitcoin in 2009 and the launch of Ethereum in 2015, which made it easier to develop and deploy crypto assets, many developers have used the excitement in this industry to conduct all kinds of experiments. . Let’s look at some of the most surprising.

Dogecoin: the king of trolls

Dogecoin: the king of trolls

How to List the Most Amazing Crypto Assets Without Mentioning Dogecoin? The DOGE token was launched in 2013 as a joke based on the popular internet meme « doge » and featuring a Shiba dog as a logo. He managed to build a large community and is now 45th among the most valuable cryptocurrencies with an overall valuation of around USD 335 million. This crypto can even boast that its fans include Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who has tweeted about the asset multiple times.

Income farming tokens

Income farming tokens

Given the recent euphoria over decentralized funding, 2020 was marked by the launch of many crypto assets called groceries and a very special property, most of which were giving out unrealistic interest rates that went up to over 1000%.

One that has been talked about a lot this year is sushi. The sushi token’s mother application was created after a divergence (i.e. splitting the blockchain into two different blocks) from the famous Uniswap decentralized application, Sushiswap, and is an automated market maker that enables the creation of pools of liquidity (process) in existence from the blocking of crypto assets in a smart contract against an interest rate, in order to enable a completely decentralized exchange without trustworthy third parties. So nothing to do with the sushi we are used to eating. In just 10 days, the sushi swap protocol managed to get more than $ 1 billion into its protocol. And while the excitement has waned since then, that hasn’t stopped inspiring others to do the same!

This is how many tokens with the names of foods that refer to « productive agriculture » have emerged. It is now possible to hold pizza, popcorn, baguette, hotdog or yam tokens, which are included in the third version.

Fan token

Fan token

Sports fans can also use the functionality of the blockchain. Many clubs have therefore decided to work with the Chiliz project and its Socios platform to launch tokens that their fans can use to make certain club decisions, e.g. B. the color of the jersey or the design of the next logo.

Fans of PSG, FC Barcelona, ​​Atlético Madrid, Juventus de Turin or even UFC fans can now buy chips that carry the image of their favorite club and have a privileged experience.

NFTs: non-fungible tokens

While some clubs have decided to launch tokens for their fans, others have decided to launch non-fungible (NFT) tokens.

In contrast to a fungible token like Bitcoin or Ethereum, where the tokens have the same value regardless of the unit, non-fungible tokens are used to represent art or collectibles on the blockchain.

And that’s exactly what some clubs have chosen. By partnering with companies like Sorare for soccer, NBA Topshot for basketball and DeltaTime for F1, several sports are now offering trading cards on the Ethereum blockchain.

Outside of sports, companies like Ubisoft have used this form of digital asset to spend 55 Rabbids collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain in favor of Unicef. This type of crypto-asset represents an interesting alternative for clubs or companies that do not necessarily want to offer a speculative token in the form of a digital currency.

The President token

The leaders of this world also have their own tokens. For example, there is a Trumpcoin or another crypto asset related to Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, like the above assets, these currencies do not have a real market. The daily trading volume is low and their capitalization is around 80,000 euros for Trumpcoin and 65,000 euros for PutinCoin. So it is highly recommended to stay away from these tokens.

However, with the US presidential election approach, it is possible for those who want specific investment products to buy derivatives on certain exchanges or to make predictions about the results via the Augur platform.

Social tokens

But not only presidents can be used as tokens in the blockchain. Anyone can create a digital token with their own picture. Some cryptocurrency developers or influencers have decided to issue their own tokens. Alexandre Masmej, a 23-year-old Frenchman, for example, has decided to launch his own token called ALEX, where every holder can vote on their life choices.

And so many others!

So there are thousands of cryptoassets, all with different motivations and purposes. It is not uncommon to see tokens related to cannabis (Potcoin, CannabisCoin …), others related to the adult entertainment industry, casinos, etc. There is even an active crypto (BananaCoin), which is covered by the price of 1 kg of banana or another by the price of coffee.

With over 7,000 cryptocurrencies in existence, many of them are more amazing than the last! However, as an investor, watch out for some of these unusual tokens. Careful consideration is always required before investing in this type of instrument!

Which crypto for 2020?

In our opinion, the most promising cryptocurrencies for 2020 and the coming years are the Tezos (XTZ), the Stellar Lumens (XLM) and the ChainLink (LINK), whose prices have risen sharply in recent months.

Where can you buy cryptocurrency?

B-TOP 5 of the best websites to buy cryptocurrency in France

  • Buy cryptocurrency on Binance. …
  • Buy Bitcoins, Ethereum and Litecoin on Coinbase. …
  • Coinhouse or the place of home of Bitcoin. …
  • Buy bitcoins on Bitit. …
  • Buy cryptocurrencies from VirWox.

When to buy bitcoin

According to crypto specialists, Bitcoin investments are expected to remain strong in 2021 as Bitcoin recently set a new record of over $ 35,000.

Which crypto should be invested in 2021?

Surname, surname Market capitalization Number in circulation
Ripple (XRP) more than $ 9 billion 43.8 M.
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) + $ 4.8 billion 18.3 M.
Tether (USDT) + $ 4.6 billion 4.6 billion
Bitcoin SV (BSV) + $ 3.5 billion 18.3 M.

What future for Ethereum?

The price of ether rose 483% in 2020. That’s more than Bitcoin, which rose + 303% over the past year. Ethereum’s valuation is now at $ 110 billion (570 billion for Bitcoin). In late 2020 and early 2021, many records will be signed in the cryptocurrency market.

Where to invest in 2021

The best investments to focus on in 2021 are investments in innovative sectors (AI, big data, food technology, etc.), private equity, cryptocurrencies, structured funds, new generation SCPIs and insurance life and real estate (crowdfunding, Pinel, LMNP).

Where can you invest on the 2021 stock exchange?

Name [code] Capgemini [GAP]
Change over 1 year (1) + 10%
Course about BNA 2021 (2) 15.7
Yield 2021 (3) 1.5%

How do I get paid in cryptocurrency?

How to pay in bitcoins

  • Scan your QR code.
  • Pay from your wallet.
  • Send payment manually.
  • Paper and hardware wallets.
  • Your wallet on your computer or mobile phone or online.
  • With a personal wallet.
  • With an online wallet.

How do I pay in Bitcoin with Revolut?

It is not possible to send Bitcoins to anyone at Revolut or to make a payment directly in Bitcoins. On the other hand, with Revolut, you can use the money from your “crypto account” to pay in fiat currency with your bank card.

How do I buy Bitcoin without confirmation?

Top 5 anonymous bitcoin and crypto exchanges with no identity verification or KYC

  • 1 Binance. Binance may be the world’s largest crypto exchange, but it allows you to buy Bitcoin without identity verification or KYC. …
  • 2 Changelly. …
  • 3 Kucoin. …
  • 4 Poloniex. …
  • 5 uniswap.

How do I pay in Ethereum?

If you want to procure Ether (ETH or Ξ), pay for transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, or just speculate, you can use the following methods: Buy for Euros or another cryptocurrency. The « mining ». Donate / exchange.

What are the cryptocurrencies of the future?

Cryptocurrency: 7 virtual currencies will follow in 2021

  • Bitcoin: the benchmark cryptocurrency. …
  • Ethereum: the most widely used bitcoin and crypto challenger. …
  • Binance Coin: The crypto that invites you to join the big leagues. …
  • Ripple: much more than a crypto, a passport for decentralized finance.

What is the future of bitcoin?

JP Morgan believes the price of Bitcoin could hit $ 146,000 in the long run. In a notice released on Jan. 4, 2020, financial holding JP Morgan estimates that the price of Bitcoin could hit $ 146,000 in the long term. …

What are the best cryptocurrencies?

What are the best cryptocurrencies of the year?

  • Bitcoin – cryptocurrency No. 1. …
  • Ethereum – cryptocurrency No. 2. …
  • Ripple – Cryptocurrency No. 3. …
  • Bitcoin Cash – cryptocurrency No. 4. …
  • Litecoin – cryptocurrency No. 5. …
  • Cardano – cryptocurrency no.6 …
  • NEO – cryptocurrency no.7 …
  • 1- Go to the Alvexo online trading platform:

Which cryptocurrency should you buy today?

Page? ˅ For whom ? Cryptocurrencies available
Coinbase Beginner Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
eToro Beginner Bitcoin, Ethereum, +12
octopus Experienced Bitcoin, Ethereum, +15
Binance Experienced Bitcoin, +200

Inventory of the most atypical crypto assets
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