New Customs Act big step forward, say brokers

A key player in the export-import process has welcomed the 2020 Customs Act and stated that the proposed law will position the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) as a key player in facilitating modern international trade.

Clive Coke, president of the Union of Jamaica Customs Brokers and Shippers (CBFFAJ), said that under the current 1941 legislation, the JCA focused primarily on collecting revenue and imposing fines and penalties on those who violated the Break the law.

« This new law will definitely speed things up and improve efficiency in customs and for the importing and exporting public, » Coke said in a Gleaner interview.

The CBFFAJ chief said the proposed new statute would put Jamaica in a better position to improve its ranking in the Logistics Performance Index (LPI).

« As Jamaica has an interest in improving its ranking in the logistics index, a lot of these things depend on Jamaica Customs stepping up their game and accepting global standards that don’t see themselves just as enforcers, » he said.

Jamaica ranked 113th out of 160 countries in the LPI 2018.

Based on the World Bank’s collection of development indicators, the efficiency of the customs clearance process in Jamaica in 2018 was rated at 2.42 on a scale of one to five, with one being low and five being high.

The overall LPI rating reflects the perception of a country’s logistics based on the efficiency of the customs clearance process, the quality of trade and transportation-related infrastructure, the ease of organizing shipments at competitive prices, the quality of logistics services, the ability to track shipments and the frequency with based Which shipments will reach the recipient within the planned time?

Commenting on the role of customs brokers in facilitating trade, Coke said that for the first time in Jamaica, individuals who trade as brokers and freight forwarders have been recognized in the overarching legislation.

He said that while the regulations recognized the role of customs brokers, the current archaic law of 1941 did not recognize it.

Regarding the annoying question from people posing as customs brokers to harass unsuspecting members of the public, Coke said the sector has been grappling with the issue for many years and has reported the matter to the JCA authorities.

He said that many people presented themselves on the quay under the pretext of being licensed customs brokers.

Jamaica Customs has a list of authorized customs brokers.

Deceived by forgery

Deceived by forgery

Coke said some members of the public were deceived by people posing as customs brokers and losing significant sums of money.

“It is one of those things that the Shipping Association of Jamaica and the Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association have tried to actually run the entire port area as a logistics park so that we can have more control over these unauthorized people finding themselves in space “He said to The Gleaner.

The 2020 Customs Act will repeal and replace the current 1941 Act to modernize customs practices and procedures and to facilitate trade effectively and efficiently.

The Items and Reasons Memorandum states that upgrading customs practices is expected to benefit the trading community and the JCA by improving customs clearance and revenue collection processes, simplifying procedures for businesses and providing more efficient service delivery to the public.

Meanwhile, Coke said that customs brokers had seen a 30-40 percent decline in business due to the impact of COVID-19.

He said many members of the Montego Bay CBFFAJ who are dependent on the tourism sector for business have had to downsize due to the low occupancy of the hotels.

What does a customs broker do?

What does a customs broker do?

Customs brokers are individuals, partnerships, associations, or companies licensed, regulated, and empowered by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to assist importers and exporters in complying with federal requirements for imports and exports.

Do I need a customs broker?

There is no legal obligation for you to use a customs broker to clear your goods. … Customs brokers are licensed by US Customs and Border Protection to handle CBP business on behalf of importers. You relieve the importer of filling out paperwork and getting a CBP bond.

Do customs agents make a lot of money?

While independent customs brokers made $ 55,000 in 2014, customs brokers earned an average annual salary of $ 46,000 that year, according to Indeed. Independent brokers are more experienced than customs brokers, which is why they earn higher salaries.

How much does it cost to use a customs broker?

How much does it cost to use a customs broker?

Customs clearance includes the process of creating and submitting customs documents to the CBP. This is also known as customs clearance. Tips on Customs Clearance Fees: The standard rate for Customs Clearances is around $ 50 for Chinese Customs clearing and $ 100-120 for CBP.

What is a release fee?

The Clearance Entry Fee is a fee charged by FedEx that is not charged by any government agency. « Clearance Entry » is an « unsolicited good or service » as defined in the BC Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act, Chapter 2, Section 11.

Does customs open all packages?

No, they don’t open your package right away for no reason. Your package will definitely go through a scanner (x-ray) and check your items. You only immediately check what’s in your package if: Your package was damaged when it reached the customs office or desk.

How is the import duty calculated?

Base Customs Duty (BCD): This is the tax that is charged on the assessed value of goods that land at India’s customs border. It can vary between 0% and 100%. BCD depends on the product’s HSN code and the country of import.

Do I need a customs broker to ship to Canada?

All shipments to and from Canada must be handled by a customs broker. The customs broker is responsible for bringing goods to another country and navigating the customs protocol. Many companies that frequently ship cargo to Canada already have a customs broker. However, if one is needed, Freightquote from C.H.

What is a clearance broker?

A customs broker – sometimes referred to as an import broker – ensures that the import and export of goods run smoothly by facilitating the clearance of goods through customs processes. … you will see that there are both freight forwarders and customs brokers offering their services to British entrepreneurs.

How do I clear customs in Canada?

When importing goods into Canada, there are two ways to clear Canadian customs. 1) Through a customs broker. You can hire a customs broker to import your shipment. This calculates its prices based on the number of items, the number of different tariffs (different types of products) and usually charges you a fixed price per shipment.

Is DHL a customs broker?

DHL is a licensed customs broker and can handle shipments on your behalf for any value.

How do I become a customs broker?

The first place to search for US Customs Brokers is on the list of Customs Brokers on the CBP website. This website lists and organizes all of the CBP licensed customs brokers based on your desired entry point. You can view all licensed brokers for a specific port and their contact information.

New Customs Act big step forward, say brokers
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