Progress Insurance joins CMB Insurance Brokers to strengthen customer service and continue to be the preferred broker

EDMONTON, AB, FEB. 1, 2021 / insPRESS / – CMB Insurance Brokers and Progress Insurance have partnered to better serve clients with technology-driven insurance solutions and great customer service.

With Progress Insurance officially becoming a division of CMB Insurance Brokers in January, insurance clients can benefit from the mutually beneficial partnership where companies benefit from each other to provide technology-driven insurance solutions and leverage sophisticated marketing, sales and customer service expertise.

Working with CMB Insurance Brokers also gives Progress Insurance better access to the fleet insurance market and remains a preferred broker.

« We’re always looking for better solutions and markets to help our insurance customers, » said Marty Skinner, president of Progress Insurance. “We also wonder what can be done to remain a long-term, relevant and preferred insurance broker. The thought of missed growth opportunities, falling behind on technology, and the inability to attract top talent without the resources to fill the void won’t happen to us. We are very excited to join CMB Insurance Brokers to remain a long-term and relevant broker of choice. « 

Ben McDonald, President and CEO of CMB Insurance Brokers, a proud member of the Canadian Broker Network, says the companies share an « aggressive growth philosophy and an urge to be the best in business. »

“We are pleased that brokers are coming to us to take advantage of our expertise in technology, marketing and sales, as well as first-class customer service. When we step into our brokerage business in five years’ time, we will see the fruits of exponential growth, top talent at work, and a much larger list of satisfied clients, ”says McDonald.

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Progress Insurance joins CMB Insurance Brokers to strengthen customer service and continue to be the preferred broker
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