Selling initial network access methods on underground forums worth millions as brokers turn to private …

The KELA report says that first access brokers on the underground forums continued to commit murder by selling initial network access (TPP) tactics, techniques, and procedures to various threat actors, including ransomware operators.

The report found that ransomware operators were increasingly reliant on purchased initial access as the primary entry point for corporate networks.

In addition, KELA found that some early access methods dominated the underground markets, becoming the traditional means of compromising networks.

KELA added that initial access sales of TTPs were increasingly aimed at private conversations to prevent interference from security researchers. KELA believes that monitoring the underground activities of access brokers has been critical to securing organizations.

Initial Access TTPs averaging over $ 6,500 totaling millions

Threat intelligence firm KELA found that nearly 250 first-time network hits were advertised for sale in the fourth quarter of 2020, totaling over $ 1.2 million.

Total sales averaged 80 first visits per month, of which 14% were confirmed as successfully sold. However, the total number of listings sold in the fourth quarter was 25% lower than what was seen in September 2020.

The cumulative total value for all first-time closed sales was $ 133,900. Each method of initial access averaged $ 6,684, with an average price of $ 1,500. The inexpensive TTPs enabled medium-sized companies with hundreds of employees to access domains. In almost a quarter (24%) of the offers, however, the price was not stated.

The maximum price was equivalent to 7 bitcoins while the lowest average was $ 15. The three most popular sales were valued at $ 35,000, 1 BTC, or $ 10,000.

Most TTP sales turn to private conversations on underground forums

Most TTP sales turn to private conversations on underground forums

According to the KELA report, the number of TTPs listed for initial access could be higher than stated as most transactions have been moved to private conversations. This development should avoid interruptions from security researchers, who frequently whistle about compromised networks.

« It appears that the initial network access market is larger than what we see in public conversations on underground forums, » noted Victoria Kivilevich, threat intelligence analyst at KELA. « To understand the real scope of the threats, it is necessary to keep track of notorious first-access brokers and their TTPs, to deal with them regularly and to identify new types of threats that may arise. »

RDP and VPN with RCE vulnerabilities are the most commonly used initial access methods

RDP and VPN with RCE vulnerabilities are the most commonly used initial access methods

The report found that the attack surface increased in the fourth quarter of 2020 and access brokers were introducing newer initial access types.

However, the sale of vulnerabilities in the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) areas continued to dominate the criminal underground forums. They made up about 45% of the initial access methods, making them the traditional unauthorized access methods.

Most VPN and RDP offerings had RCE (Remote Code Execution) vulnerabilities with access to Citrix network and virtualization products. The threat actors mainly offered them via ConnectWise and Teamviewer software and provided attackers with « RDP-like functions ».

The report found that Pulse Secure and Fortinet VPNs ‘credentials were used to harm various organizations after users’ credentials were leaked on the underground forums.

Usually four geographic regions are affected

Surprisingly, 40% of all first-access TTPs sold on the underground forums were targeted at four geographic regions. First-access TTPs from the US, Europe (unspecified), the United Arab Emirates, and France were largely searched for or traded.

Only a few brokers dominate the criminal underground supply with initial access methods

KELA also found that a clique of ten access brokers dominated the dark network to sell access to compromised networks. The five most popular threat actors with more than 10 initial accesses include:

The dominant hackers had dedicated threads on underground forums listed as « Buy Network Access to Corporations » or equivalent. They would also calm down and reappear with valuable and sometimes “expensive” offers.

IT organizations, large corporations and government units receive a premium price

The expensive offerings include IT organizations, large corporations, and government units. KELA discovered that a US IT company and another unspecified IT company were compromised by ConnectWise worth 5 BTC and 30,000 respectively. The broker claimed that the companies had many clients who could also be compromised.

Similarly, a $ 35,000 access to the Texas government on the same day it was listed was privately sold by a well-known threat actor while the Panasonic India compromise was listed at $ 500,000.

However, KELA found that some of the overpriced and expensive offers could not be sold and were ultimately classified as « irrelevant ».

Underground markets are becoming increasingly customer-oriented

Buyers were also picky, with some specifying the type of business they wanted to compromise. This development made the business more « customer-oriented ». For example, a threat actor inquired about remote access to US companies with sales of $ 300 million or more.

Access brokers who partner for a bigger cut

The researchers also found that the access sellers became affiliates and traded TTPs for initial access for a commission after a payoff from a ransomware attack.

« Such activity shows that some of the first-time brokers intend to move into affiliates for greater profits and a permanent place in the ransomware ecosystem, » the report said.

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The sale of network first access methods is a million dollar business in criminal underground forums. Access brokers also preferred private call trading. #cybersecurity # respect data & # xD;

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  • KELA notes that monitoring the activities of brokers in underground access, in addition to training staff and fixing vulnerabilities discovered, was a critical cybersecurity undertaking. Similarly, enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) for VPN and RDP connections would add a layer of security in the event that remote access credentials are accidentally lost.
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Selling initial network access methods on underground forums worth millions as brokers turn to private …
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