The Bank of Israel buys $ 6.8 billion in foreign currency in January, and reserves hit a new record

JERUSALEM – The Bank of Israel announced on Sunday that it bought $ 6.832 billion of foreign currency in January, which helped weaken the shekel from a 24-year high and its foreign exchange reserves to a new record high of 179 To bring in $ 5 billion.

Last month the central bank announced it would buy $ 30 billion worth of foreign currency in 2021 to curb the shekel appreciation after buying $ 21 billion in 2020.

The shekel hit 3.11 per dollar on January 14, its strongest level since April 1996. With the help of the central bank, it has fallen to 3.29, although the Bank of Israel believes that part of the strength of the Shekel is due to a weak dollar worldwide.

Policy makers have also spearheaded strong foreign investment flows into Israel, a large current account surplus and optimism that a swift adoption of COVID-19 vaccines will quickly lead to economic recovery after three lockdowns.

The central bank also said it bought 4.2 billion shekels ($ 1.3 billion) of Israeli government bonds last month to bring its total to 50.4 billion shekels since the program began in March. The balance of corporate bond purchases remained constant at 3.5 billion shekels.

The Bank of Israel has announced that it will buy up to 85 billion shekels of government bonds.

As part of a plan to encourage small business lending, the bank announced that it lent an additional 3.1 billion shekels to the banking system last month to bring the total loan amount to 22.7 billion during the COVID-19 pandemic Increase shekels. ($ 1 = 3.2871 shekels) (Reporting by Steven Scheer editing by Jeffrey Heller and Susan Fenton)

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The Bank of Israel buys $ 6.8 billion in foreign currency in January, and reserves hit a new record
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