The five crypto news of the week: an update on Bitcoin (BTC)

Here are the five news items that caught our attention this week.

One point about bitcoin

One point about bitcoin

We take stock of Bitcoin. At the time our last video was recorded on December 18, BTC was $ 23,000. It went through the last month of 2020 in rocket mode, hitting 30,000 on January 2, 2021, and crossing the 40km mark a week later. Bitcoin’s price was corrected this week and fell back to the 31,000 level, but at the time of writing, Bitcoin’s price has regained a second wind, flirting with $ 40,000 again. Not only has the price of BTC skyrocketed (remember it was only worth $ 8,000 a year ago), but its market cap has increased significantly: it’s now 732 billion, or five times higher than it was in 2020 on the same day . To have an order of magnitude, you should know that Bitcoin’s valuation now exceeds that of Facebook or Visa, and that the number of active Bitcoin addresses recently peaked at 1.3 million. Eventually, Bitcoin’s transaction volume on the eight major exchanges exceeded $ 11 billion, a new all-time high.

Bitcoin in the media

Bitcoin in the media

In the past few weeks, the mainstream media has spoken frequently, but more positively, about Bitcoin. When Bitcoin reached US $ 20,000 in 2017, we heard a very negative discourse: « Bitcoin is not based on anything », « Bitcoin is just a bubble », « Bitcoin is used by terrorists to launder money. the money ”and I will pass it on to you. Over time, Bitcoin has acquired a certain seriousness and is now viewed by listed companies, investment banks and many institutions as a safe haven, a bulwark against inflation. The mainstream media are also changing their tone. The French broadcaster BFM now broadcasts the Pros des Cryptos sequence every week. Another example is that Bitcoin recently hit the headlines in the famous UK business and financial newspaper, the Financial Times. Yes, Bitcoin’s image is changing for the better every day.

Ledger: two data breaches for the price of one!

Ledger: two data breaches for the price of one!

During the holiday season, ledger key owners received a poisoned Christmas present from the French manufacturer, who informed them that the customer database had been hacked and leaked. Specifically, the 272,000 customers who ordered a ledger key from their store saw their phone number, email address, and physical address leaked to the world. Thanks to this leak, thieves and scammers of all kinds now have a neat database in which to phish or physically attack each other. That is not all. On Wednesday, January 13, 2021, Ledger announced that its database had been stolen a second time, but this time by malicious Shopify actors who would be jailed if we believed what was said. Ledger’s communications manager to our colleagues in the Journal du Coin. This is the same database that was leaked in December, but with an additional 20,000 clients. Is there a little more, can I still give it to you?

Christine Lagarde, President of the ECB, speaks out against Bitcoin (BTC)

Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank, made headlines this week by calling for global regulation for Bitcoin. « It is a highly speculative commodity that has been linked to shady deals, money laundering and utterly reprehensible activities, » she said at the Reuters Next conference. Regulation. It has to be defined and applied … on a global level because if there is a solution it has to be used, « she said. We could remind Ms. Lagarde that illegal activity took place in 2019 which made less than 1% of all activity in the Bitcoin link down, up 7% in 2012. You have to get used to it, Ms. Lagarde, Bitcoin is no longer the bad boy it was.

ETH in full transition remains in excellent shape

We’re ending this first week with Ethereum. Much like Bitcoin, ETH got out of winter and recently hit a high of $ 1,350, about $ 70 below its all-time high. And like Bitcoin, it had an air gap in early January but is now back on the green. It is recalled that Ethereum is currently in transition to its new version, Ethereum 2.0, also called Serenity. Since the beginning of phase 0 on December 1, the protocol, which ranges from proof of work to proof of deployment, has attracted everyone’s attention, and the entire ETH community is wondering when this update will enable this in particular, a greater number of transactions per Second is functional. 2021… 2022… even later? We will of course keep you up to date all year round.

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The five crypto news of the week: an update on Bitcoin (BTC)
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