The other technical news: crypto assets based on gold

Cryptoassets based on gold or real estate and QAnon decimated on Twitter: Here is a compilation of technical information from last week.

A crypto asset based on gold …

The French electronic payment system giant Worldline will bring its crypto-asset management technology (digital assets based on a blockchain, or « blockchain ») to Gold Global Currency Corp to create a digital token based on the gold.

This token « is a digital title for a lot of physical gold that is identified, assigned and kept in a secure vault at Brink’s in Switzerland, » the two partners explain.

« With the simplicity of buying, exchanging, transferring and reselling through its smartphone application, » the digital token enables « permanent custody » or « exchange » of gold holdings « instantly and in parallel with the traditional banking system, » he added.

The « Blockchain » is a computer protocol with which tamper-proof and easily exchangeable digital objects can be created. It is the origin of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

…. and another based on real estate wealth

The Blockchain Group and One Experience, companies that revolve around Pascal Chevalier, the head of the Reworld Media Group, will in turn offer crypto assets based on real estate assets, in this case, One Experience’s.

Crypto assets are only aimed at professional clients, Xavier Latil, head of the Blockchain Group, told AFP.

One Experience, in which Pascal Chevalier holds the majority of the capital, is a company that organizes seminars and events in three areas: a prestigious boat on the Seine, a castle near Fontainebleau and a large chalet in Megève.

The Blockchain Group is a small publicly traded company that helps its customers to integrate « Blockchain » into their processes and applications. Pascal Chevalier holds around 20% of his capital.

Twitter’s decision to purge 70,000 accounts linked to the QAnon conspiracy movement resulted in the elimination of more than 60% of the movement’s most active accounts, according to the American specialist in new media research, Graphika.

According to Graphika, 8,859 of the 13,856 most active Twitter accounts of the movement identified last spring are no longer visible online.

The volume of content posted online by the movement on Twitter peaked at the time of the Capitol storm on Jan. 6, before declining in the days that followed, at a rate that Graphika estimates for its sample of the most active accounts from 70% to 80% .

According to the American company, the removal of certain accounts that acted as bridges between different QAnon communities helps isolate them, which should have « a significant impact on the cohesion » of the movement in the future.

Among the very active accounts that have remained open, Graphika is seeing a tendency to refocus on supporting former President Donald Trump and avoiding any QAnon terminology.

Video game: Bordeaux studio Asobo opens its capital

Bordeaux studio Asobo, which recently produced the award-winning game A Plage Tale (Focus Home Interactive) or the new version of the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise, announced an initial fundraiser run with the Sagard NewGen fund, which is a minority has acquired stakes in the 12 founders of the company.

According to Echoes, the operation amounts to almost 20 million euros and values ​​Asobo with 220 employees at almost 65 million euros.

« The arrival of Sagard NewGen will support Asobo Studio’s growth ambitions while maintaining its autonomy in editorial and strategic decisions, » the company said in a press release.

According to the OVH, the French want French or Europe digital

The French cloud champion OVH published an Ifop survey which shows that the French have become aware of the problems of digital sovereignty and the danger that they may be too dependent on non-European actors in this area.

According to this study, 91% of French people believe that public services should favor the storage of French personal data on French territory, 89% consider it necessary to develop major French or European digital players in order to keep up with international competition 85 % believe that such a goal is achievable.

In addition, 69% of French say they are forced to use Gafam services (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft) due to the lack of European alternative solutions, and 74% think that Europe lacks sufficient powers is to limit this to their rule.

The study was conducted using self-administered online questionnaires with a sample of 1,028 people who were representative of the population aged 18 and over.

Wiztopic works with Euronext to certify financial information

Press release certification specialist Wiztopic announced that it has signed a partnership with Euronext, which manages European financial markets, to « secure its financial communications and prevent false news ».

« Today, 20% of the CAC 40 and SBF 120 information is certified with Wiztrust and is being distributed at Wiztopic. We are excited and proud to work closely with Euronext Corporate Services to accelerate our growth in Euronext markets, » quoted Wiztopic President Jérôme Lascombe in a press release.

The Wiztrust solution, using a blockchain, enables certification and distribution of press releases or financial releases, as well as facilitating meetings.

« We believe that Wiztopic’s technology will help our sending customers accelerate the digitization of their communications in a secure environment, » said Mathieu Caron, Head of Corporate Services at Euronext.

Elée is a specialist in software licenses and opens up to the Ardian fund

The French start-up Elée, which offers companies to manage their various software and cloud licenses more easily, announced the entry of the giant Ardian into the capital without specifying the size of the operation.

Elée was founded in Paris in 2010 and claims to have « more than 100 key account customers among its clients, including the state and more than half of the Cac 40 groups ».

The company develops and markets the software, the aim of which is to reduce the risk of breaches that companies face from the software manufacturers they use.

Indy,, an online accounting service, raised 35 million euros from the Singular, Alven and Kerala funds with the aim of particularly approaching the American market.

Vulog (software platform for running a car, scooter, scooter sharing service …) raised 26 million euros from investment funds (Ecotechnologies / Bpifrance, ETF partner, Frog Capital, Inven Capita) and the European Investment Bank.

Lovys (which gives consumers a single interface to manage all of their insurance, households, smartphones, cars, and dogs and cats) has raised $ 17 million from Heartcore, NewAlpha, Raise and its historic investors Maif Avenir and Portugal Ventures.

Leocare, a multiservice online insurance company (home, car, motorcycle and smartphone), has raised 15 million euros from Felix Capital, Ventech and Daphni.

Sis ID, a community platform to fight bank transfer fraud, has raised € 5 million from the funds Digital Venture (Bpifrance), OperaTech Ventures (BNP Paribas) and Aonia Ventures.

OSS Ventures (founding industrial start-ups in factories) raised 4 million euros, especially from the Tikehau capital fund.

Which stocks should you buy right now?

Which stocks should you buy right now?

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Where can you currently invest on the stock exchange?

The best stocks to buy on the stock market after the coronavirus crash

  • Investing in the stock market in Apple Stock. …
  • Invest in Roku Stock. …
  • Buy the Twilio share. …
  • Buy Berkshire Hathaway stock …
  • The trade desk promotions. …
  • Action « Waste connections ». …
  • NextEra Energy shares. …
  • Buy Johnson & amp; Johnson.

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What's the procedure?

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The other technical news: crypto assets based on gold
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