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1 – Visa is making its crypto revolution

Although the advent of Bitcoin heralded the end of the monopoly of traditional payment intermediaries, Visa presents itself as one of the privileged gateways between crypto startups and their users. For months, the American giant has been adding dozens of companies to its network and is preparing to integrate the USDC stablecoin into its infrastructure. Study of the Copernican Revolution of the Payment Network.

2 – Pierre Crypto’s price analysis

Bitcoin crossed its all-time high on Wednesday afternoon, breaking the $ 20,000 threshold. Therefore, in order to determine the appropriate time to invest funds in other cryptocurrencies, investors ask themselves, Ethereum at the top, the variations of which are much stronger in phases of growth. Our analyst Pierre Crypto analyzes the situation in detail to help you manage your investments.

3 – What to remember from the week

We have selected and reviewed the most important events of the past seven days. Be on top of the crypto news by keeping the basics.

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Visa’s crypto « Coming Out »: Read the 21 million newsletter
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