Which crypto project will hit the trillion dollar valuation first?

Cryptocurrencies: Everyone’s talking about it now, and the $ 40,000 level Bitcoin hit is making investors salivate. But in which projects should you invest? Analysis of Elrond, a European project set to be the first valuation of the sector at $ 1000 billion …

Bitcoin’s staggering spike above $ 40,000 ($ 40,365 to be precise) on January 7th definitely qualifies institutions to enter a new class of assets. For eleven years, skeptics have racked their brains to predict the downfall of the cryptocurrency king and the strangeness of the Bull Rally in January 2018: the facts are relentless and clearly prove they were wrong. Investing in Bitcoin at any point in its history is proving to be one of the most profitable investments of any asset class.

So mass adoption is now in the crosshairs as the supply of cryptocurrency products and services explodes and governments work on regulations. As an investor, it is time to ask yourself who will be the first player in this ecosystem to « gafamization » (named after the five monsters that dominate the technology sector: Google Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft) and hit the 1000 threshold Billion valuation …

Several challengers hold the rope, but one project is gaining particular attention and should be discussed in the coming weeks: it’s Elrond, who is listed on most exchange platforms including Binance and whose EGLD token has multiplied its value by 16 since January 1, 2020, while the valuation of the company after just under 3 years of existence to date is $ 1.13 billion …

Benjamin Mincu, CEO and creator of Elrond, is a legend in the crypto community. He was part of the core team of NEM.io in 2014 and invests in several well-known companies in the blockchain universe such as Binance, BAT and Tezos through MetaChain Capital, which he founded together with his brother Lucian Mincu. He founded Elrond in September 2017 with the belief that only a global « ecosystem » value proposition that is effective but designed for the general public would finally enable blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to rise to the mass adoption stage. It is the « Internet of Money ». To do this, however, we have to combine the economic architecture of Bitcoin (BTC), the programmability of the Ethereum network (ETH), with extremely low transaction validation costs and at the same time offer scalability (number of transactions per second) that is worthy of a Mastercard in an « Apple » User interface. A whole program that dozens of engineers from Microsoft, Google, Intel and NTT DATA work on every day.

Concrete consequences of such a value proposition: the tokenization of financial assets or title deeds that are encrypted and secured via blockchains and, thanks to the dedicated mobile application, can be exchanged with one click at negligible costs.

And we have to admit that the numbers have been speaking for themselves for a year now and prove the relevance of Elrond’s technological foundations (in particular a new « Adaptive State Sharding » mechanism and a « Secure Proof of Stake (PoS) » algorithm) more efficiently than the energy-intensive proof of work on which Bitcoin and Ethereum are still based):

The culmination of this work is the publication of the “Mainets” (the main network, a crucial step in the start of a crypto project) at the end of July 2020, the “Swaps” of the token (EGLD), which the ecosystem, September 3, 2020, above all but the presentation of the Maiar Mobile Everything Going through which is ending its beta testing phase and will be officially open to the general public from the 31st of this month. It includes a secure digital wallet, web browser, and a first line of financial products focused on « farming » (paid deposit) which is all the rage in the crypto world right now.

It would have been crazy to imagine investing in Bitcoin when it was trusted with the $ 20,000 in January 2018, and yet we are getting 100% performance within 24 months.

It seems just as crazy to imagine investing in Elrond when he just signed a price hike for his ELGD token of more than 600% in 2 months. And yet …

Interview with Benamin Mincù, CEO of Elrond

I’ve always been passionate about computers and code. My father started us on this path with my brother when we were teenagers, and we quickly became the freaks that the whole neighborhood in our city of Sibiu in Romania asked for help.

This passion intensified with the internet explosion and the Dot.com era. On the internet I have accessed the most fascinating encounters and the most fascinating books there is. Step by step, as I developed my expertise, I came to the conclusion that technology is by far our best tool in improving the world around us, and it is on this observation that Elrond was founded.

What was the trigger for your involvement in cryptoassets?

Intrigued by the 2009 publication of Satoshi Nakamoto’s White Paper on Blockchain and Cryptography, I immediately plunged into the extraordinary technical potential of this new technology and quickly became convinced that this disruption offered potential on the scale of the Internet.

I joined the founding team of the NEM project in 2014 and, with my brother Lucian, founded an investment fund in 2016 that focuses on business start-ups.

After investing in around thirty blockchain projects and realizing that none of them really delivered the value proposition that the ecosystem needed to explode, I formed the Rocket Scientists team that we started with in September 2017 To Work What I’m Considering Be The Most Advanced Blockchain Architecture On The Market: Elrond.

How do you qualify for Elrond in 2020?

2020 was by far the best year for our project. We have successfully launched our “mainnet”, ie our proprietary autonomous blockchain architecture based on more than 1.4 million lines of code. We have entered into more than 100 strategic partnerships, significantly expanded our community and are listed on our list of eGLD crypto assets on 5 of the world’s largest exchange platforms.

But the best is yet to come: We’ve barely scratched the surface of Elrond’s real potential for the ecosystem.

I think 2021 will be the most structuring year for us and we want to go stronger, faster and further than in the last three years combined.

What is your vision for Elrond?

Elrond’s goal is:

(a) Providing the tools needed to create a global financial ecosystem based on crypto-asset technology;

(b) worldwide bandwidth (transactions per second) and infinitesimal latency (time required to validate transactions),

(c) with easy access to the entire ecosystem, to everyone, wherever they are.

Elrond refers to the entire technological base and name of the project that has been calibrated to operate on the Internet: in terms of ease of use, as well as volume and performance.

Maiar, the user platform on which Elrond is based, was developed to be efficient on board with an optimal user experience of over a billion users without technical limitations.

Ultimately, eGold, our digital currency designed to function as a medium of exchange, unit of account and store of value, will fuel the entire Elrond economy.

It is the combination of these three elements that makes it possible to rethink the concept of money and our financial system on a global scale.

What is your vision for cryptoassets in 2021 and beyond?

I believe in the short-term disruptive power of blockchain and cryptoassets over modern society. 2021 will truly be the year of general public acceptance: everyone will discover the tangible benefits and profound effects of this technology in their daily life. This technology has reached its tipping point and mass adoption could begin this year.

Elrond is definitely ready and calibrated for such growth. All technical obstacles and performance goals have been overcome, and the launch of our Maiar application universe on January 31st marks the beginning of this crucial step.

Why is Elrond able to get the first 13-digit valuation ($ 1 trillion)?

Blockchain and crypto assets are clearly a potential multi-trillion dollar market over the next 3 to 5 years. The Elrond Project is a perfect complement to the two historic platforms Bitcoin and Ethereum, each on their way to valuation in the trillion. However, with nearly 100 million users in the current crypto ecosystem, it’s important to understand that we’re still way ahead of the curve: Elrond is technically the latest addition, building on the weaknesses of the historical projects it was able to solve and functional positioned to welcome the next billion users and bring cryptoassets into mass adoption with Maiar.

Specifically, why should I use Elrond today?

Erlond is already in operation and is probably the most successful blockchain project in the world. The next Amazon or Google will be crypto, and it could already have originated behind a smart contract launched on Elrond, its network of validators and its community of developers and users. Maiar is the most intuitive consumer application ever for crypto assets. With this vision, a new approach to money, buying and spending, investing and funding in one word can be discovered through the crypto ecosystem with the vision of a 2.0 better volume of finance system for everyone.

How can you learn more and follow your project’s developments?

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Which crypto project will hit the trillion dollar valuation first?
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