Wirex, the best crypto bank card on the market?

Wirex is part of the new generation of Neobanque, especially with Revolut and N26. Although the British company has been around since 2014, it didn’t accelerate its development until 2019. In fact, 2019 was the year of many successes for Wirex: introduction of its own cryptocurrency, the WirexToken (WXT), a branch in many countries, etc.

A crypto-friendly bank card

A crypto-friendly bank card

Before you focus on the crypto component, keep in mind that Wirex is a neobank. One of the characteristics of neobanks that sets them apart from traditional banks is the ease of use of their platform. On this point, Wirex is no exception to the rule, whether on your mobile phone or on your PC. The Wirex application is intuitive and very easy to use.

Wirex’s offer is defined in three services:

Buy bitcoins from Wirex

Buy bitcoins from Wirex

With Wirex you can therefore spend your crypto currencies, but also buy and exchange them. And other advantages, the list of available cryptocurrencies is quite extensive: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM), Dai (DAI), Nano (NANO), Waves (WAVES) and Wollo ( WLO). Buy and sell with just a few clicks.

The cashback system

The cashback system

Cashback systems are becoming more common, and Wirex was pretty smart with this feature. When you use the Wirex debit card for your purchases, you get 0.5% bitcoin cash. If that rate seems ridiculous, add up all of your expenses and the deal can get interesting quickly. For those who believe in the future of cryptocurrency, this model allows you to accumulate a handful of Bitcoin completely passively. This cashback can become even more attractive and under certain conditions, which are described a little further in the article, it can increase to 1.5%.

Usage fees

How much does it cost to use Wirex? Well it depends what you are doing. The fee for the credit card is € 1.20 per month. The bank card is completely optional and if you don’t order it, managing a classic account is 100% free.

A top-up is then charged, 1% for a top-up using a different bank card and no charge for a top-up using a bank transfer. For cryptocurrency transfers, there are only fees for the blockchain (absolutely for the operation of the network).

The Wirex token

Presentation and goal setting

In June 2019 Wirex launched its own cryptocurrency, the WirexToken (WXT). The goals of this cryptocurrency are outlined in the whitepaper (we invite you to search for those who want more complete information). In summary, the goal is to offer WXT owners advantages over Wirex services. These benefits are mainly focused on lowering costs and increasing the cashback rate stated above. As a result, Wirex customers will have further advantages. In the white paper, for example, we can read that thanks to WXT you can benefit from a reduction in the number of partner brands, a more comprehensive support service, preview access to certain functions, etc. At the moment we have no further information.

Less costs, more cashback!

Wirex has set levels. Depending on the number of WXTs you hold, you will have access to more or less cost benefits under the following conditions:

And with cashback under the following conditions:

Where can I get my WirexToken?

There are several ways to acquire WirexToken. The simplest method and if you want to take advantage of the above advantages, you can buy it directly on the Wirex platform. The process is carried out very easily with just a few clicks. You can also get it on certain exchanges like OKEx or Huobi if you are used to this type of platform.

If you choose the Wirex adventure, don’t forget to secure your account (secure password, double authentication, etc.). If you are not well versed in these mechanisms, we will send you articles explaining how to protect your cryptocurrencies and what mistakes to avoid. If we have left out any information about Wirex, please include it in the comments.

Where can you buy bitcoins?

and more intuitive brokers (Coinbase, Coinhouse, etc.). The latter are usually easier to use, but are more expensive. There are also some physical counters in Paris (Coinhouse), Caen (Bitcoin Avenue), Brest (Byzantine) or Bordeaux (Comptoir des Cybermonnaies).

How do I buy and sell bitcoins?

To trade Bitcoin (BTC), all you have to do is enter its name in the search bar. Then just click on it and select the « Buy » option. To resell, simply click the « Sell » tab.

What’s the best site to buy bitcoins from?

Comparing The Best Websites To Buy Bitcoin In 2020

  • 1- eToro: the best site to buy Bitcoin.
  • www. etoro. light.
  • 2- Binance: the best crypto coin trading site.
  • www.binance.com.
  • 3- Buy Coinbase Bitcoin on Binance.
  • www.coinbase.com.
  • 4- Buy Huobi Bitcoin on Coinbase.
  • www.huobi.pro.

How do I buy Bitcoin with a credit card?

Follow these steps to buy Bitcoin with a credit card or debit card from Paybis:

  • Enter the amount and currency that you want to exchange for the bitcoin value.
  • Then click the « Start Transaction » button to buy BTC with credit card.

How do I get the Coinbase card?

The procedure is as follows:

  • Provide an email address and phone number.
  • Answer questions from Coinbase.
  • Scan an ID (ID card, driver’s license or passport).
  • Choose the means of funding the Coinbase account (by card or bank transfer).

How do I get a bitcoin card?

Ordering a crypto.com card In the menu at the bottom right of your crypto.com application, click « Card » to select the card you want and place an order.

How do I buy crypto on Binance?

There are two ways to buy Bitcoin from Binance: you can link your debit / credit card or bank account, or you can buy cryptocurrency directly from other users with P2P transactions.

How do I buy Bitcoin anonymously?

Finally, the anonymized purchase of BTC can also be made using prepaid cards. These types of cards are available at tobacco shops, others can be ordered online, and some do not require ID to top up. This is the case for cards from AdvCash or WageCan, for example.

How do I pay with the Bitcoin Darknet?

A quick and relatively private way to do this is by using a peer-to-peer marketplace like Localcryptos.com. This allows you to buy Bitcoin from people who accept payments into their bank account, as well as other methods like Paypal, Alipay, and Moneygram.

How do I buy bitcoins on eToro?

Follow the steps below to buy cryptocurrencies in the eToro wallet:

  • Log into your eToro wallet using your mobile device.
  • On the “Balance” tab, tap the cryptocurrency that you want to buy.
  • Tap the blue « Buy … » tab.

How do I buy Bitcoin on the blockchain?

Instructions for Buying Your First Bitcoin Now that you’ve created your wallet, go to the Buy Bitcoins tab to create an account on one of our partners’ integrated exchange platform.

How do I top up a Bitcoin account?

How do I top up my Bitcard?

  • Choose the amount. recharge and the payment method.
  • Imagine. Your card information.
  • You get. Top up your Bitcard.

How do I make bitcoin online?

In order to create your first bitcoins in your digital wallet, you should register on platforms like Coinbase and receive your first digital currencies for free. This site is recognized as one of the platforms dealing with Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrencies.

Wirex, the best crypto bank card on the market?
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